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City Manager’s Comments – James Thomas

By Dale Martin, City Manager In 1998, Tom Brokaw, then the sole anchor of “NBC [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Effects of the Freeze

By Pat Foster-Turley January 13, 2023 Those of you fairly new to Nassau County maybe [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Beaches and Parks

By Dale Martin, City Manager At the City Commission’s January 3 workshop, the primary topics [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Ghosts on the Beach

By Pat Foster-Turley January 6, 2023 These days, going to the beach this time of [...]

City Manager’s Comments – New Year’s

By Dale Martin, City Manager Thank you to those who joined me at the Open [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Christmas Eve at Rooterville

By Pat Foster-Turley December 30, 2022 Every year Bucko and I seek out a new [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Reports

By Dale Martin, City Manager Each month, I have the department directors prepare a monthly [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Monarchs and Milkweed

By Pat Foster-Turley December 23, 2022 I thought I knew all about monarch caterpillars turning [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Commission

By Dale Martin, City Manager With the City Commission election completed this week, let me [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Buy Local

By Pat Foster-Turley December 16, 2022 One of the first local persons I met when [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Music

By Dale Martin, City Manager Music has always been a part of my life. I [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Searching for Seahorses

By Pat Foster-Turley December 9, 2022 The sun woke me up early in southern Belize [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Bosque Bello Cemetery

By Pat Foster-Turley December 2, 2022 If you are looking for an interesting walk on [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Service Awards

By Dale Martin, City Manager The city work staff has not been immune to the [...]

Phyllis Gwendoline Grace Blacklock, 102

November 28, 2022 Longtime Fernandina Beach resident, Phyllis “Phyll” Gwendoline Grace (Petvin) Blacklock, 102, passed [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Boris the Botfly Goes to the University

By Pat Foster-Turley November 25, 2022 Some of you readers may remember that Bucko and [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Christmas

By Dale Martin, City Manager From the time that I first visited Fernandina Beach as [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Thanksgiving

By Dale Martin, City Manager November offers two significant days for me. One is singularly [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Like a Mother to Me?

By Pat Foster-Turley November 18, 2022 I was older than 30 when I entered the [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Election

By Dale Martin, City Manager Another biannual general election has closed. We can now pause [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Was that a Pig?

By Pat Foster-Turley November 11, 2022 Amelia Island abounds with pets traveling with their owners [...]

Fernandina Beach Voters Elect Bradley Bean New Mayor

By Wes Wolfe Florida Politics Fernandina Beach, with a median resident age of 55, isn’t [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Flood Risk Ratings

By Dale Martin, City Manager The City Commission, through Resolution 2021-20, established a series of [...]

Pat’s Wildways: The Marsh is Alive

By Pat Foster-Turley November 4, 2022 When the land on Crane Island was slated for [...]

City Manager’s Comments – The Riverfront

By Dale Martin, City Manager An interesting facet of working at City Hall is the [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Blue Crabs

By Pat Foster-Turley October 28, 2022 I’m sure lots of you readers have happily feasted [...]

OHPA Does the Right Thing! Mayor is on Board

By Tammi Kosack October 25, 2022 It’s been a while since we’ve seen agreement between [...]

Candidate Essay by Darron Ayscue: Common Sense, Not Nonsense

Darron Ayscue for City Commission Seat 5, Fernandina Beach EDITOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, [...]

Pat’s Wildways: A Fort Clinch Saturday Morning

By Pat Foster-Turley October 21, 2022 One recent Saturday, it was a beautiful day—sunny, clear, [...]

Candidate Essay by Mike Lednovich: Preserving Our City’s Quality of Life

Mike Lednovich for City Commission Seat 4, Fernandina Beach EDITOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Greenway Adventures

By Pat Foster-Turley October 14, 2022 These days I seem to have decreasing successes with [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Storm Assessment

By Dale Martin October 7, 2022 One week after Hurricane Ian (a tropical storm when [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Hurricane Season

By Pat Foster-Turley October 7, 2022 Just as regular as clockwork, my orange hurricane lilies [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Darien, Georgia Revisited

By Pat Foster-Turley September 30, 2022 Lots of my readers probably get the Harris Teeter [...]

Pat’s Wildways: For the Love of Cats

By Pat Foster-Turley September 23, 2022 I have always been a cat person. Throughout junior [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Front Street

By Dale Martin September 23, 2022 Although the most significant highlight of Tuesday evening’s City [...]

Woman joins Baptist Health’s Familial Brain Aneurysm Study to help others, ends up saving her own life

Press Release Submitted by Kristi Tucker September 17, 2022 Pamela Jordan, 61, of St. Johns, [...]

Pat’s Wildways: The Deer Whisperer at Fort Clinch

By Pat Foster-Turley September 16, 2022 Bucko and I often see deer when we make [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – Trees

By Dale Martin September 16, 2022 As the current fiscal year nears its conclusion (Sept. [...]

Observer’s City Commission Candidate Forum Is Coming Up

By Mike Phillips, Editor The seven candidates for two seats on the Fernandina Beach City [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Watch Out for Tortoises

By Pat Foster-Turley September 9, 2022 Many people who live here on Amelia Island are [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – National Community Survey Results

By Dale Martin September 2, 2022 The data from the City’s recent National Community Survey [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Psychic Capital of the World, Part Two

By Pat Foster-Turley September 1, 2022   The morning after the séance and piano bar [...]

Barnabas Receives Support for Dental Program

Barnabas Center Press Release Submitted by Nicola Barnack Director of Development August 31, 2022   [...]

Bosque Bello Cemetery Gets New Landscapers

City of Fernandina Beach August 26, 2022 The rumors are true. Starting Monday, Aug. 29, [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – Staff

By Dale Martin With the hiring of Ms. Catherine Vorrasi to lead the Parks and [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Psychic Capital of the World

By Pat Foster-Turley August 26, 2022 If you are looking for a strange but interesting [...]

Traders Hill Farm Partners with Barnabas Center to Deliver Healthy Foods Across Nassau County

Barnabas Center Press Release Submitted by Nicola Barnack Director of Development August 24, 2022 Barnabas [...]

Nassau voters pick Ray Nelson, Justin Taylor for Fernandina Port Authority

By Wes Wolfe, Florida Politics There are going to be two new faces overseeing port [...]

Nassau County School Board Races Head to Runoffs

By Wes Wolfe, Florida Politics Nassau County, with its deep-red politics and ability to generate [...]

Alyson McCullough Takes Western Seat on Nassau Co. Commission

By Wes Wolfe, Florida Politics One of the nastier and more-competitive North Florida races not [...]

Hupp Huppmann Wins Nassau Co. Commission Battle

By Wes Wolfe, Florida Politics It was a thorough drubbing for incumbent Nassau County Commissioner Aaron Bell, [...]

Dr. Taylor Clem to Speak at The Bartram Garden Club Open House

The Bartram Garden Club, Inc. Submitted by Linda Broadrick Secretary and Publicity Chairman August 23, [...]

Pat’s Wildways: Souvenirs from Belize

By Pat Foster-Turley August 18, 2022 These days, I’ve traveled to many places and brought [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – CRA Update

By Dale Martin At the joint meeting Monday evening between the City Commission (acting as [...]

Amelia Island Makes “World’s Best” List for Fourth Consecutive Year

Amelia Island has been voted No. 10 among the “Best Islands in the Continental United [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – City Streets

By Dale Martin   As the 2022-2023 budget process continues, a topic of significant discussion [...]