Fernandina Beach Voters Elect Bradley Bean New Mayor

Bradley Bean has been elected by Fernandina Beach

By Wes Wolfe

Florida Politics

Fernandina Beach, with a median resident age of 55, isn’t the sort of place you’d expect a 20-something mayor, but that’s now the case as City Commissioner Bradley Bean bested fellow Commissioner David Sturges 64%-36%. As the only other person running, Sturges is set to become the next vice mayor.

Bean said, in a campaign video, what he would bring to the mayoralty is how he’d set the tone.

“The mayor runs the (city commission) meeting here in Fernandina Beach, it runs how our whole city operates,” Bean said. “The tone — in fact, of our whole city — is set by how the mayor is able to respond to the citizens. Because, people have problems, people have issues, and when they come into the city, how will the mayor listen and be able to address these concerns?”

He said he’d make sure those people are heard and those problems are addressed.

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10 months ago

Looking forward to new, young leadership! Good luck Bradley!

Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_66360)
10 months ago

I’m sure we all knew Bradley would win……congratulations!!