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Worldwide, Cement Dust is a Serious Issue

  Editor’s note: I’m very liberal about reader comments. So long as you aren’t calling [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Projects

By Dale Martin, City Manager Included in this year’s budget are several capital projects. Here [...]

Huge Concrete Dust Bags Rupture at Port

By Mike Lednovich       Residents of the historic downtown neighborhood near the Port [...]

Commentary: Does This City Want to Lose $500,000 a Year on its Marina?

By Chip Ross Ten years ago, when former Commissioner Pat Gass asked when the city [...]

It’s a Non-Partisan City Government — But Are You Sure?

By April L. Bogle I don’t know anyone who wants the political battles being fought [...]

Cruise Ships Top Concern at Port Authority Open House

By Mike Lednovich French mathematician Narges Obaid famously said: “Don’t trust everything you see. Even [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Nate Coyle

By Dale Martin, City Manager Next week, the city will lose one of its most [...]

Calling All Port Questioners – Final Open House

If you have any questions, concerns or fresh ideas about the Port of Fernandina Beach, [...]

Commentary: Townhouses in a Neighborhood That Cherishes Its History – and the Law

By Julie Ferreira The Fernandina Beach City Commission is poised to make a significant decision [...]

Commentary: A Rebuttal of a Rebuttal on Waterfront Plans

By  Bob Allison I read with interest Commissioner Chip Ross’s rebuttal to my article about [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Henry

By Dale Martin, City Manager Henry Centrella was released (supervised) from prison earlier this week. [...]

A Starring Role for Trees at City Hall

It was a good evening for trees at this week’s Fernandina Beach City Commission meeting. [...]

Commentary: Much Ado Over an Old Waterfront Plan

Editor’s note: It’s unusual, I know, for one news organization to publish a rebuttal to [...]

COMMENTARY: A Proud and Fearless Day, 45 Years Later

By Alexandra R. Lajoux Yesterday in Fernandina Beach, our community hosted the biggest local parade [...]

COMMENTARY: Why the Rush to Change City Elections?

By Genece Minshew Well, that did not take long. Less than a month in office, [...]

Port-City Meeting Worked in More Ways Than One

By Mike Phillips The city commission and port executives and commissioners had a mutually respectful [...]

COMMENTARY: Let’s Keep Our Non-Partisan Elections Non-Partisan

By Arlene Filkoff On the Fernandina Beach City Commission agenda for Jan. 17 is an [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Beaches and Parks

By Dale Martin, City Manager At the City Commission’s January 3 workshop, the primary topics [...]

Local Man Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A 35-year-old Fernandina Beach man, Cooper Morgenthau, has pleaded guilty to [...]

City Manager’s Comments – New Year’s

By Dale Martin, City Manager Thank you to those who joined me at the Open [...]

‘Impaired’ Properties Continued: More of the Story

By Mike Phillips Although the bureaucratic tangle around the Jasmine Street beach access clearly is [...]

Library Book Club Back in Business

After an extended Covid-caused hiatus, the Friends of the Library Book Club has regrouped and [...]

Commentary: What’s the Risk at Jasmine Street? And Why is it a Mystery?

By Mike Phillips   Somehow, on July 11, the Jasmine Street beach access and some [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Reports

By Dale Martin, City Manager Each month, I have the department directors prepare a monthly [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Commission

By Dale Martin, City Manager With the City Commission election completed this week, let me [...]

Ayscue and Antun Win City Commission Seats

Here are the provisional results from the Dec. 13 Fernandina Beach City Commission election: Seat [...]

Do Partisan Politics Have a Place in Our Small-Town Elections?

By Mike Phillips Observer Editor Now that the Fernandina Beach runoff election is over, no [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Music

By Dale Martin, City Manager Music has always been a part of my life. I [...]

They Met, and They Got Something Down the Road!

It’s master planning time again at the Port of Fernandina. It comes around every 10 [...]

The Port Thinks Big – and Bigger – and Bigger

The Port of Fernandina has completed its first draft of a 10-year master plan. It’s [...]

Arts and Culture Celebrates with More Public Art

Arts and Culture Nassau recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in front of a new public [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Service Awards

By Dale Martin, City Manager The city work staff has not been immune to the [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Christmas

By Dale Martin, City Manager From the time that I first visited Fernandina Beach as [...]

A Dozen Questions for the Runoff Candidates: Genece Minshew

Editor’s note: After seeking questions from quite a number of thoughtful citizens, we boiled their [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Thanksgiving

By Dale Martin, City Manager November offers two significant days for me. One is singularly [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Election

By Dale Martin, City Manager Another biannual general election has closed. We can now pause [...]

Dear 15%: Come on in With the Rest of Us!

By Mike Phillips Observer Editor I learned two new words this election: undercount and overcount. [...]

City Races Go to Runoffs

Two Fernandina Beach City Commission runoffs are coming coming Dec. 13. Incumbent Mike Lednovich, who [...]

Fernandina Beach Voters Elect Bradley Bean New Mayor

By Wes Wolfe Florida Politics Fernandina Beach, with a median resident age of 55, isn’t [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Flood Risk Ratings

By Dale Martin, City Manager The City Commission, through Resolution 2021-20, established a series of [...]

City To Manage Golf Course Three More Years

By Wes Wolfe Florida Politics The Fernandina Beach City Commission has committed the city to three more years managing the [...]

City Manager’s Comments – The Riverfront

By Dale Martin, City Manager An interesting facet of working at City Hall is the [...]

City Commission Essay by Candidate Staci McMonagle

Editor’s note: The Observer invited Fernandina Beach City Commission candidates to write an essay about [...]

City Backs County Land Conservation Bonds

By Wes Wolfe Florida Politics A bond plan to kick-start Nassau County’s land conservation, amid [...]

OHPA Does the Right Thing! Mayor is on Board

By Tammi Kosack October 25, 2022 It’s been a while since we’ve seen agreement between [...]

Matthew Federal Marina Money Finally Coming Through

By Wes Wolfe Florida Politics Not every city has a collectively owned marina, but Fernandina Beach [...]

Candidate Essay by Darron Ayscue: Common Sense, Not Nonsense

Darron Ayscue for City Commission Seat 5, Fernandina Beach EDITOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, [...]

Candidate Essay by Mike Lednovich: Preserving Our City’s Quality of Life

Mike Lednovich for City Commission Seat 4, Fernandina Beach EDITOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, [...]

The Myth of City-County Discontent

By Dale Martin, City Manager In the midst of the current campaign season for two [...]

Candidate Essay by Genece Minshew: Better Ways to Get Things Done

Genece Minshew for City Commission Seat 5, Fernandina Beach EDITOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Storm Assessment

By Dale Martin October 7, 2022 One week after Hurricane Ian (a tropical storm when [...]

Welcome to Fernandina Beach: A Kerfuffle Over the Sign

By Wes Wolfe Florida Politics Those wanting to turn Amelia Island into the sort of [...]

Garbage Service to Resume

Waste Management has announced that it will resume residential garbage pickup in Nassau County  on [...]

Evacuation Order Zones A and D

The Following is an Evacuation Order for Zones A and D – Hurricane Ian As [...]

A Wednesday Morning Update From the City Manager

Morning Update from Fernandina Beach City Manager By Dale Martin Fernandina Beach City Manager As [...]

Serious Nassau Advice from the Weather Service

Issued by Jacksonville – FL, US, National Weather Service Affected Area: Coastal Nassau County LOCATIONS AFFECTED [...]

City Emergency Declared

Fernandina Beach declares city emergency ahead of Hurrican Ian Joining the governor and the county, [...]

City Manager’s Comments – Front Street

By Dale Martin September 23, 2022 Although the most significant highlight of Tuesday evening’s City [...]

Commentary: Time for a New Bike at City Hall?

Editor’s note: The Observer has invited all seven City Commission candidates to submit an essay [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – Trees

By Dale Martin September 16, 2022 As the current fiscal year nears its conclusion (Sept. [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – National Community Survey Results

By Dale Martin September 2, 2022 The data from the City’s recent National Community Survey [...]

Bosque Bello Cemetery Gets New Landscapers

City of Fernandina Beach August 26, 2022 The rumors are true. Starting Monday, Aug. 29, [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – Staff

By Dale Martin With the hiring of Ms. Catherine Vorrasi to lead the Parks and [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – CRA Update

By Dale Martin At the joint meeting Monday evening between the City Commission (acting as [...]

City Manager’s Weekly Comments – City Streets

By Dale Martin   As the 2022-2023 budget process continues, a topic of significant discussion [...]

City’s Water Tower Takes on New Look

City of Fernandina Beach July 28, 2022 [...]

The City of Fernandina Beach 2022 Community Survey – Open to All CITY Residents

July 19, 2022 ~15 min survey Expires on 08/03/2022 Thank you for participating in the [...]

Weekly Comments from Dale Martin: Status Report on the Seawall

Submitted by Dale Martin Fernandina Beach City Manager July 15, 2022 As I work with [...]

McMonagle announces candidacy for Fernandina Beach City Commission Seat 5

Staci McMonagle, Candidate Fernandina Beach City Commission Seat 5 July 13, 2022 Staci McMonagle, a [...]

Update: Fernandina Beach Police Terminates Employment of Officer Accused of Date Rape

Fernandina Beach Police Department Jeff Tambasco, Deputy Chief Press Release July 7, 2022   On [...]

City of Fernandina Beach Qualifying Period for 2022 Commission Election: July 11-15

  Fernandina Beach City Clerk Caroline Best reminds City residents that the Qualifying Period for [...]