Beloved Le Clos Abruptly Closes

By Dylan Bailey

Le Clos, an iconic Fernandina historic district restaurant since 1996 is no more. Serving Provençal dishes by candlelight in a charming, intimate 1906 cottage, it’s been a source of memories for many people.

But as of Monday, April 10, Katherine Ewing has decided to permanently close the restaurant.

The news came as a shock, since last year Le Clos closed for renovations, and it seemed life had been breathed back into the restaurant when it reopened.

The restaurant’s Facebook page posted the following statement: “Katherine Ewing, owner of Le Clos, has decided to permanently close Le Clos. Would like to take a minute and thank Burlingame restaurant, Espana, Wicked BAO, Joe’s Second St. Bistro, Patio Place, and Boat House for coming to the rescue with helping employ our staff that was left unemployed with no notice. We love our Le Clos guests/family and hope to see you around town.”

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10 months ago

We were lucky, we had dinner there last Friday and were raving about our food. The place was packed. When we heard a couple of days ago we were as shocked as everyone else. I can still taste the escargot.

Jag (@guest_68298)
10 months ago

I just purchased a $200 gift certificate days before this abrupt closing. I requested a refund from Katherine with no response. What a terrible way to treat a customer and an indication of lack of integrity. And I am probably not the only one.Dishonesty will usually come full circle to those who defraud others.

Paula Mutzel
Paula Mutzel(@paula-m)
10 months ago

One of our favorite restaurants…so sorry to see it go.

Le Clos assistant
Le Clos assistant (@guest_68382)
10 months ago
Reply to  Paula Mutzel

All gift certificates will be honored or refunded. Please email [email protected] with your details.

STEVEN KULLEN (@guest_68300)
10 months ago

This is a sad day. We loved dining at LeClos BUT I also heard that they will reopen in October of this year (2023), so we’ll just have to ask Ms. Katherine …

Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_68302)
10 months ago

So sad, thankful the other restaurants are employing the staff… of luck.

Stephen J. Crosby
Stephen J. Crosby (@guest_68306)
10 months ago

Received the following from email from Le Clos on April 6, 2023: ” Due to unavoidable circumstances, Le Clos will be closed until Tuesday, October 3, 2023″.

Rmatth (@guest_68307)
10 months ago

Posted this morning on Facebook & the website. There are rumors there was a fire but never saw any news coverage

Received this message this morning.

This is Katherine Ewing, owner of LeClos. LeClos has not permanently closed, only paused. We are going through a transition. On our webpage and business phone we state that we will reopen Tuesday, October 3, 2023.It may be earlier.

Beth (@guest_68310)
10 months ago

I just read that Le Clos is reopening in September. What is going on???

Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan (@guest_68357)
10 months ago

Great article, but what is Ms. Ewing doing about all the unused gift certificates that she sold to loyal unsuspecting customers? Our son gave us a $100 gift certificate to Le Clos that is now probably worthless. Calls to the owner have gone unreturned. We were loyal customers that probably ate at Le Clos 50 times over the years. Thanks Ms. Ewing! 

Rmm (@guest_68506)
10 months ago
Reply to  Mike Phillips

Do you know that for a fact? Were Ms Ewing & former employees contacted for statements? Just posting contradictory Facebook posts as news reporting and calling it a day?

Doug Mowery
Doug Mowery(@douglasm)
10 months ago
Reply to  Mike Phillips

I don’t know Mike. The first post mentioned they were going thru a “transition”???? They had just reopened recently after doing renovations…..and now the story is they are closing to do more? After talking to a few folks, I think the dirty trick is on the (former) employees and us!