Dang Good Coffee Lives Up to The Name

By Dylan Bailey
Monica Risker of Dang Good Coffee

Meet Monica Risker, the heart and soul behind the newly opened Dang Good Coffee. A seasoned educator, passionate coffee lover, and now a new face on the scene. I met up with her and asked how she got started and what inspired her to open a mobile coffee truck.

Monica hails from New York, with her roots tracing back to Colombia. Her upbringing, influenced by the vibrant culture and traditions of both worlds, played a significant role in shaping her unique persona and tastes. Her love for coffee, she admits, is a part of her Colombian heritage, a tradition passed on through generations.

Monica’s career path wasn’t always centered around coffee. For over 23 years, she devoted herself to the noble profession of teaching, impacting countless lives in Palm Beach, Miami, and Yulee. But her innate calling for a new adventure led her to leave her teaching career and embark on a journey fueled by her passion for coffee.

Monica’s beginnings with coffee brewing started in Miami, where she learned to make the perfect Cuban shot. Her colleagues loved her coffee, and this appreciation planted a seed.

After a year of meticulous planning and research, Monica’s dream materialized into Dang Good Coffee. Her first official day in operation, at a car show fundraiser, marked the beginning of a new, thrilling chapter.

Monica’s coffee venture, inspired by her Colombian roots and Miami experiences, is a unique blend of cultures. Dang Good Coffee, with its warm, inviting aura, serves not just coffee but a wholesome experience.

Like any new venture, Dang Good Coffee had its share of challenges, from finding the right trailer to getting the equipment. But Monica’s determination, coupled with the unwavering support of her husband and friends, helped her overcome these hurdles.

The response to Dang Good Coffee has been overwhelming, she told me. Within six weeks of opening, the venture has received numerous invitations from events, farmers markets, and car shows.

Monica envisions a bright future for Dang Good Coffee. As she plans to expand to different places, she remains committed to her philosophy of providing a personal touch with every cup of coffee.

Dang Good Coffee is not just a coffee shop but a dream realized, a passion pursued, and a connection built over a cup of coffee. Monica’s journey is a testament to the power of following one’s heart, embracing change, and pouring love into what we do. And as she brews her success one cup at a time, there’s no doubt that the future is indeed ‘dang good’ for Dang Good Coffee.

Dang Good Coffee

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091419618601

Days: Monday – Friday

Hours: 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Address: 463785 State Rd 200, Yulee, FL 32097