At Twisted Table, Brunch Is a Must-Try


By Dylan Bailey

Twisted Table is a name that isn’t unfamiliar in Fernandina Beach. Joining the island as a brunch place almost two years ago, the restaurant has stood strong and continued to grow. And how are they doing now? Well, I had a hankering for a meal, so I drove down and visited.

There’s a small patio out front – three tables – and an airy inside dining space. The atmosphere was great and cozy. A couple was dining inside and a man named Alec greeted me. I grabbed a table outside and ordered a vanilla latte to start.

While the coffee was being made, the owner, Rhonda, made her rounds and chatted with the people dining. We talked about the restaurant and some of her favorite dishes. It didn’t take long for her to steer me toward the Twisted Toast.

Twisted Toast is cream cheese French toast topped with glaze (blueberry or strawberry) and served with a bowl of mixed fruit. From start to finish, I couldn’t stop saying “yum.” The taste of the French toast is closer to a brioche – rich and light. And the generous glaze complemented it perfectly. My dish came with a side of watermelon that added a light crisp.

While I was enjoying the Twisted Toast, the vanilla latte came. A smooth and robust blend. I loved it. The crema for this particular cup had a beautiful golden froth and with the cream and vanilla ended up being a remarkable drink.

Unfortunately, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I could feel the finish line getting closer. But I couldn’t leave without trying something else. The chicken salad sandwich called my name. Normally it comes on a bed of lettuce, with crostinis, but I ordered it on a croissant.

The chicken salad sandwich comes with a generous amount of chicken salad, a soup, salad and chips on the side. I was surprised to find out how straightforward the chicken salad was. With no grapes, nuts, celery or other usual ingredients, I was curious. I’m used to chicken salads that have a lot of addins. But I can safely say this was delicious. Incredible flavor, and especially paired with a croissant, is fantastic. I’d order again in a heartbeat.

My time and experience at Twisted Table was wonderful. The ambiance, atmosphere, friendliness and taste were all well above par. Whether you’re new to the area, or a long time islander, you’ll be missing out if you don’t stop by for some Twisted Toast.

Twisted Table


Address: 300 Ash St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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Betsie Huben
Noble Member
Betsie Huben(@betsie-huben)
21 days ago

Ms. Rhonda and her staff always make you feel special when you are there. This is a favorite spot for me and my brunch buddies.

20 days ago

No way I could have eaten 2 entrees – half of each would have gone home in a doggie bag, but it all sounds scrumptious. 

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