Submitted by Leah C. Jennings
Community Liaison – Career Education

Nassau County School Board
March 9, 2016 1:00 a.m.

Yulee High School Web Development Program supports City in Photo Shop Project

Kids 3
Photoshop Finish of 8th Street Photos, as designed by Yulee High School’s Web Development Students.

As the City of Fernandina Beach has been contemplating their vision for a revitalized 8th Street Corridor, an idea emerged of transforming current photos of 8th Street into a style that more closely resembles the beautiful look of Centre Street.

Kids - ThompsonStudents1 Crop
Yulee High School Web Development Program (left to right): Front Row – Emilee Hughes, Hadyn Hoff, and Nichole Kiely. Back Row – Nik Wagner, Carter Morrison, Simon Harvey, and Mr. Thompson (Instructor).

Ms. Kelly Gibson, Senior Planner for the City of Fernandina Beach, requested the assistance of the Web Development Program at Yulee High School, under the direction of Instructor James Thompson. Mr. Thompson received photography files from Ms. Gibson on January 29th, including current photos of both the 8th Street Corridor and Centre Street. Within one week, students from two different classes were able to modify the photos using Photoshop into an updated vision for the future of 8th Street. They worked collaboratively in teams to create a warmer, more inviting landscape for the current photos.

Kids 2 - ThompsonStudents2 Crop
Yulee High School Web Development Program (left to right): Mr. Thompson (Instructor), Jeremy Hempstead, and David James Hazard.

“They’ve been working in Photoshop for less than 2 months, and they were able to create some really professional edits,” shared Mr. Thompson when reflecting upon the quality of work his students produced. He enjoyed being a part of the process and seeing the student’s creativity come to life.

Ms. Gibson enjoyed the experience as well and has hopes of expanding on this partnership in the near future. Her reaction was enthusiastic when stating, “I was beyond impressed with the ability to turn this project around quickly. The results were fantastic!!”

For more information on this story or any of the Nassau County School
District’s Career Education Programs, contact: Leah Jennings, Community Lieason – Career Education, Nassau County School District at (904) 556-2397.



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Robin Lentz
Robin Lentz(@marathonrobinyahoo-com)
7 years ago

Thanks for shedding a positive light on these bright students! We are grateful for their work for the City!

Mac Morriss
Mac Morriss(@macmorrisshotmail-com)
7 years ago

The students did a fantastic job. Their concepts look great. Am wondering though, information I read stated that because 8th Street is a State controlled road, there may be an issue with using trees. Hopefully, someone can clarify that before the students work on another project. If the City can use trees, it would be wonderful to use the students’ concepts.

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