Wild Amelia offers “Zoo Photo Safari”

Wild Amelia
Press Release
Contact Kathy Brooks
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February 18, 2019 1:00 a.m.

Wild Amelia has announced the annual Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Photography Safari will be held on Sunday, March 17, from 7 am until noon. This annual event offers photographers of all skill levels the opportunity to photograph animals at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in the early morning light, before the public is admitted and opportunities to visit areas of the Zoo the public does not get to see.

A Scott Moore photo.

After the early morning photo shoot, participants will then get a behind-the-scenes tour of some zoo areas and additional opportunities to photograph the animals. Later, attendees will be treated to a delicious brunch and may choose to remain at the Zoo for the afternoon.

The Zoo Photo Safari is limited to 30 participants; the cost is $65 per person. To register, visit eventbrite.com.

This Zoo Photo Safari will follow the March 15-16 Wild Amelia Photography Festival with classes and Photo walks for photographers of all skill levels. Registration for this Festival is also on eventbrite.com.

Wild Amelia is an all-volunteer nonprofit with year-round educational programs about nature for adults and children, leading up to a three-day Nature Festival in May, this year May17-19. For more information about Wild Amelia, please visit WildAmelia.org and Wild Amelia on Facebook.
Photo by Scott Moore