Customs House in Fernandina Beach dedicated to the late Ron Braddock

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
July 27, 2020

(l-r) Danny Fullwood, Lissa Braddock and Carrol Franklin unveil the plaque honoring Ron Braddock’s OHPA serviice.

Representatives of the Ocean Highway and Port Authority (OHPA), U.S. Customs, and Nassau Terminals were on hand this morning for the dedication of the Customs House at 401 N.3rd Street in Fernandina Beach, FL, to the late Ron Braddock.  Outnumbering officials were representatives of the Braddock family, who turned out in force to honor their late husband, father, grandfather, brother.

Braddock served as Districk 5 OHPA Commissioner for 17 years until he passed away from illness in 2017.  He was succeeded by his wife Lissa, who now serves on the Nassau County School Board.

OHPA Chairman Danny Fullwood expressed his gratitude to the late Braddock for educating him as a new OHPA Commissioner.  OHPA Commissioner Carrol Franklin also praised Braddock for his knowledge and dedication to service.  Former OHPA Commissioner Richard Bruce credited Braddock with convincing him to run for election to OHPA.  Port Direcctor Chris Ragucci expressed regret at never having had the opportunity to work with Braddock, but credited his work in support of the Port.

The Braddock Family

The Customs House is a small wooden structure located in the Historic District at the entrance to the Port of Fernandina.  In recent years the building has been plagued with a variety of problems, leading many to believe that it has outlived its usefulness as office for U.S. Customs.

There are plans to build a new Customs House.  Upon completion of that building the plaque honoring Braddock willl be moved to its new home.

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