Baptists Safe in Jordan, Flying Home ASAP

A group of 54 people touring Israel with First Baptist Church Fernandina Beach has safely crossed the border into Jordan after being trapped amid the violent conflict between Hamas and Israel.

They were unable to fly out of Israel because several major airlines halted flights in and out of the country amid the fighting.

It’s likely they’ll have to stay in Jordan until Friday or Saturday before they can arrange flights home.

Among those helping the group navigate their safe return is Rep. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach, who attends First Baptist Church Fernandina Beach.

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1 month ago

In one of life’s circles, a Fernandina native lives in Jordan and had been following this group’s day, in case she was needed.

Sophia Winkler was born on the Island and returns regularly to visit her father and me.
Now she is a graduate student at German Jordanian University working with UNHCR. She’s relieved that they are safe and on there way home.

Ben Martin
Trusted Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
1 month ago

It’s good people are making it home safely but it is noticed that the article makes a nice plug for Aaron Bean. “Navigate’ is a choice word. It makes it sound like some dude from congress was in the cockpit steering through clouds of flak and dodging stinger missiles. I only wish Aaron Bean would pay more attention to the malfeasance of banks and bank connected law firms. When state chartered financial institutions are allowed to issue fraudulent account statements it is danger to everyone – everywhere. They are a threat to the capitalist system.

It is noted that Aaron Bean was once a “banker” and he receives significant funding from the banking industry.