Aguilar announces candidacy for Florida’s 4th Congressional District

Dr. Erick Aguilar
Press Release

July 20, 2020


Dr. Erick Aguilar, a retired U.S Navy Chief, Veteran, and a college professor qualified to be on the ballot for Florida’s 4th District Congressional seat for the upcoming primary election on August 18, 2020. Aguilar is a devoted family man with a wife and five children who resides in District Four. After returning home after serving in the Navy for over twenty years, Erick was surprised about how many threats to liberty and freedom existed here back home in the USA. Erick is a candidate who wants to work for the future of our families and for the soul of American Republic. If you want to learn about Dr. Aguilar and how he wants to be about bringing the voice back to the people and protecting their Constitutional rights while moving forward to more independence and less government manipulation, then check out his Facebook pages, his website (, his podcasts, and interviews. He is stepping up to the front lines to work together with you! Make sure you are registered to vote and that you study all the candidates before you Cast your vote by August 18th! Elections matter and Who represents us in Congress counts! Safeguarding our Constitution matters more than ever.

If you care about protecting freedom, liberty and the United States Constitution, due process, and equal protection under the law, the future of the American dream, and the economy, listen and share Dr. Erick Aguilar’s podcast on more information on Opening America Now! DUE PROCESS MATTERS! No American should be coerced, and when it happens, we all should speak up for our rights. Happens to one, can happen to all! Government is to protect rights, not remove them. Unfortunately, countless bad players continue to abuse their power, with no consequences! Opening America’s Economy matters! Collateral damage on different fronts occurred from COVID-19, where do we go from here? Rights? Economy? Independence? Think for ourselves? Education? Graduations? Communities? America? Listen and share Erick’s podcast on more information to Keep Opening America! We will ensure our own safety! Protecting the American Dream for our children.

Encourage your friends and family to study and learn about the candidates, vote and to participate in the election process. Those who serve us in Congress, in the county, on the city and town councils, as well as, the local school boards impact our lives more than many people realize. So, take time to study the candidates. So, register to vote and cast your ballot in this important Primary on August 18th. Citizens need to know as much about the candidates campaigning for public office as they do about the coaches and players being drafted by sports teams and franchises.

You have a choice because Republican, Dr. Erick Aguilar, college professor, US Navy Veteran, is challenging, incumbent Republican John Rutherford who seeking a third term in a GOP primary in August. It is time for action and no excuses. Freedom and the soul of America are at risk. Learn about each candidate. Your vote counts. So, exercise your right to vote as an American Citizen and study the candidates. The Republican August Primary winner on August 18th will face Democrat Donna Deegan and write-in candidate Gary Koniz in November.


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Ben Martin
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
3 years ago

Hopefully this comment will not be deleted. The previous one that was similar apparently was. I intend to copy in Mr. Aguilar’s office. It is something he needs to know…….

When I contacted Rutherford’s office concerning a false account statement presented by a government chartered financial institution it was like they had a mechanism in place to automatically refer me somewhere else. Strangely, my Social Security number was requested. Rutherford, like a great number of politicians receives significant campaign contributions from America’s privately held for profit banking system. It is the same system that received a taxpayer bailout for their failed private business enterprise. It would be nice to know what Mr. Aguilar’s position is on mandatory mask ordinances and shutdowns which seem designed to destroy the middle class. If you work for the government or a large multi-national corporation you are going to be O.K probably. But a great number of people will be looking at evictions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. A side effect of the 2008 financial crises was that Federal Reserve Member Banks became some of the largest landlords in the nation. Reportedly, the World Bank is a big funder of the WHO. Why? Will our banking system ultimately own all the real property in the world. You’ve got to wonder.