Florida Department of Health July 19 – Nassau County records 63 daily Coronavirus cases far exceeding previous record

Florida Department of Health
July 19, 2020

Editor’s Note:  We will continue to update this post when more information is received.

Nassau County Emergency Management:

As of 1130 today, DOH-Nassau has 63 new cases of novel Coronavirus to investigate.
Please wash your hands often and stay at least 6-8 feet away from anyone with whom you don’t already live.


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Douglas Adkins
Douglas Adkins (@guest_58346)
3 years ago

This reflects a rising infection rate now at 12.3%, its time for us to take steps to protect the nearly 10,000 seniors who call Amelia Island home. My plan to address this “crisis” without closing the whole economy and creating job losses would be as follows – I believe this could be done in 45 days.

  1. Use the CARES ACT money to purchase tests from http://www.curativeninc.com – these are easy to use self administered mouth swabs, they have a two day turnaround time.
  2. Test all the residents and visitors in the 32034 zip code ( Amelia Island ) – identify who is positive and a contact of a positive.
  3. Issue a stay at home emergency order for those who are positive and the close contacts for the 14 days.
  4. Get the food trucks and the meals on wheels engaged to help ensure those under stay at home orders are being fed so they remain at home and stay isolated.
  5. Set up check points on the two bridges and start checking temps and looking at who is coming onto the island for the next 45 days to help identify those who are “at risk” – you should focus on reducing no essential visitors other than guests who have reservations on the island for that 45 day period to help contain the spread. Ask delivery drivers to remain in their vehicles and then leave the island after they make their drops. Once your 45 days is over you lift the restrictions at the check points.

If it works and you are able to reduce the infection rates substantially then you have kept your economy open and been successful in protecting your seniors and you will know moving forward how to “tighten down” the perimeter” of the island for 45 days to ensure the success of everyone.

Just an idea – hopefully others have a plan, but with rising infection rates we need to move forward with a plan to address this crisis as our healthcare workers are now being affected. The strain on your healthcare system is not sustainable and we need to have some type of plan to address this problem that makes sense.

Betsie Huben
Betsie Huben(@betsie-huben)
3 years ago

Looking at the graph of daily reports and then the date for this data, this looks like two days worth of results being reported simultaneously as one. As of today, Thursday the 23rd, it does look like mandatory masks are working and, except for Sunday, things are steadily trending down again albeit ever so slowly. Wear a mask!