The rural parts of Nassau County are not responsive to the Census – We need to change that!

Nassau County Insider
April 24, 2020

​Historically, the most rural parts of our county have not been as responsive to the Census. We need to change that!

Why is the Census important to rural
Communities you ask? Well, here’s some info from the Census Bureau’s website that answers that question:

“Many federal programs are aimed at helping people in rural areas, and funding for those programs is often determined by census statistics.

There are several programs specifically geared toward rural growth, according to the Census Bureau working paper, “Uses of Census Bureau Data in Federal Funds.” There are also many general programs that focus on rural subsets, like Rural Education and the Department of Justice’s Rural Domestic Violence Assistance programs.

Other important programs informed by census statistics include Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities, Rural Business Development Grants, and Rural Housing Preservation Grants.

“When residents live in an area that’s more rural than urban, they are trying to make decisions like how to build schools, what services need to be offered. Really, the only source of data that we have is U.S. Census Bureau data,” Craigle said. “The census is the one chance to get that really great information for rural America.”

If you live in a rural area of Nassau, please respond to the survey and encourage your friends and families to as well. This will ensure we get an accurate population count and increase funding opportunities for rural communities.

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Gregory McKinley
Gregory McKinley (@guest_57383)
3 years ago

I live in the Fernandina Beach area and a census has never been sent to me. Am i suppose to go looking for it? Where???