Florida Department of Health August 29 – Nassau County records death of a 65 year old brings area death totals to 19

Florida Department of Health

August 29, 2020

Editor’s Note:  There is a total of 629 cases of Coronavirus in Zip Code 32034 an increased of 7 from yesterday.

Nassau County Emergency Management:

23 new cases of residents and non-residents.



Nassau’s epidemiologists have 23 new cases to investigate today. Please answer their phone calls!  It is with great sadness that we announce an additional Nassau County resident, a 65-year old male, has succumbed to CoViD-19 infection. This brings the total number of CoViD-19-related deaths among Nassau residents to 19. Our deepest sympathies are extended to the family and loved ones of this gentleman during their time of sorrow.

* Please assume that you carry germs that could make others very sick, or that everyone else has a disease you don’t want to catch or take home to your vulnerable loved ones, and take appropriate precautions.

* Stay more than six feet away from anyone you don’t live with.
* Minimize interactions with the public – when you have to be in public, don’t touch anything and keep your face covered.
* Wash Your Hands Well and Often – use soap and water and lather well for at least 20-30 seconds before rinsing.
* Don’t attend gatherings where physical distance can’t be maintained.
* Don’t touch your face (don’t rub your eyes, nose, or mouth) with unwashed hands.
* Wash Your Hands.
* Stay isolated if you feel sick or have a fever (check your temperature regularly)
* Cover your mouth and nose completely if you cough or sneeze, and then wash your hands.
* Clean all surfaces you (or anyone else) might have touched every day (door handles, counters, phones, remote controls, light switches) – anywhere respiratory droplets (or saliva) could have landed.
* Wash Your Hands.

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