Thai Spice Cafe: A Bit Pricey, But Worth It


By Dylan Bailey

I had been craving Thai food all week, which is strange for me, since I’ve only had it a few times. When someone recommended Thai Spice Cafe, I knew what must be done. The stars aligned and fate opened a door for my visit the next day.

Thai Spice Cafe has been open for a few years now and has earned 4/5 stars online. Reading the reviews is interesting, because people either loved dining here or hated it. Mostly they loved. With my detective’s hat on, I went to investigate the food myself.

The dining experience isn’t what I was expecting. While it’s a sit-down restaurant, it operates more like a Panera. You grab your menu and order at the kiosk up front, before snagging a table. I know some people don’t enjoy that type of dining, especially for the price you’re paying, but it wasn’t an issue for me. I noticed a significant amount of mobile orders compared to those dining inside. It seems like that is the popular option.

Decor-wise, I enjoyed it. I was comfortable under the Edison bulbs, and the abundance of wooden tabletops gave it a cozy, relaxed vibe. It’s far more spacious inside than I expected. Bigger parties would have no issues dining here.

I glanced at the menu, wondering what would catch my eye. There were so many dishes vying for my attention that I almost couldn’t pick one. Two that stood out were “Love Me So Long” and “Amaizing”—the chef’s special. The menu is chock-full of tantalizing dishes, and they even have some gorgeous ramen bowls available.

I went with the shrimp pad Thai ($21.95), yellow curry with chicken ($17.95) and the fried dumplings ($8.95). Curry is something I’m unfamiliar with, but I wanted to try something new. I have a toddler’s tolerance for spice, so I decided on the yellow curry.

The service is quick here. Not long after I sat down did I receive the fried dumplings. Most places rely on soy sauce to carry the dumplings, but this pleasantly surprised me. You could eat them by themselves and enjoy every bite. They were crispy, with a flavorful mix of pork, chicken, and vegetables. The cabbage’s crunch and soy sauce’s saltiness were addictive.

Pad Thai was a delightful new experience. The sauce that the rice noodles are stir-fried in features a salty taste that’s balanced out by a hint of sweetness. Pieces of egg, scallions, bean sprouts, and crushed up peanuts made this so enjoyable. I can’t say I noticed any spice in this dish, so if you’re craving some heat, this won’t be up your alley. The six pieces of shrimp were good, but ended up being overcooked. For a $4 up-charge, it let me down. 

Despite being stuffed, I couldn’t resist the curry’s call. Its aroma was the first thing that caught my attention. The rice absorbed the flavorful sauce, but the real winner was the coconut milk in the curry. Everything worked in harmony, pulling me back in for another taste. The subtle heat that came with each bite was a nice addition. Without question, this was my favorite dish. The amount they served me felt worth the price.

Speaking of prices, let’s talk about them. The Pad Thai clocks in at $16.95, if you don’t include steak or shrimp. My meal was $21.95 with the up-charge. The food is worth it, but it’s expensive.

My overall experience at Thai Spice Cafe was positive. As someone who is unfamiliar with Thai food, I enjoyed my time there. To be honest, that didn’t come as a surprise to me. It’s difficult to find a bad restaurant in Fernandina Beach. The bar for expectations is high because of the incredible quality of cuisine. Although expensive, the dinner was delicious and worth a revisit.


Thai Spice Cafe

Address: 1460 Sadler Rd., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


Hours: Monday – Thursday (5-9 p.m.), Friday (noon-9:30 p.m.), Saturday (5-9:30 p.m.), Sunday (noon-9 p.m.)

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Doug Mowery
Doug Mowery(@douglasm)
11 months ago

Since we are talking “foodie”…..It appears Le Clos has been sold and will not be returning in early October. That was fast. It appears the “dirty trick” is on us……

11 months ago
Reply to  Doug Mowery

there is not a single topic you will not post a whining comment under

11 months ago

I don’t think their prices are “pricey” compared to anywhere else. That seems to be the going rate these days. I’d hate for customers to be deterred and see a small independent restaurant impacted.

Active Member
11 months ago
Reply to  Sheila

That’s completely fine! For some, these prices aren’t an issue.

Mark (@guest_70223)
11 months ago

How can this guy review restaurants when he didn’t know what curry is and has never had Thai food before???? Doesn’t seem he has much experience with the food scene.

Active Member
11 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Hey Mark, thanks for the comment.

I want to point out that I didn’t say I’d never had Thai food. I made it clear that I was unfamiliar with Thai cuisine. These reviews are written to help newcomers in the area, of which there’s most likely a good portion that doesn’t have any experience with certain foods. Hopefully, someone else who hasn’t had curry will go out of their way to try it now.