There’s Help for Women’s Eating Disorders

By Elizabeth Matthews

Amie Shields, CEO of Bring Your Brokenness.

In a world where the prevalence of eating disorders continues to rise, Amie Shields stands out as a beacon of hope.

As the CEO of Bring Your Brokenness and Executive Director of Charis House, a pioneering non-profit eating disorder treatment program in Yulee, Florida, she is addressing the issue of inadequate access to treatment.

With 30 million people suffering from eating disorders and a mere 20% seeking help, only 2% can afford treatment. Through her personal experience with an eating disorder and relapse, she started blogging and learned about the financial barrier to treatment. Amie became passionate about the issue, saying, “I know you can recover with help.”

The organization ensures that financial constraints do not impede anyone’s ability to receive treatment. Shields and her team established Bring Your Brokenness as the first non-profit treatment center for eating disorders in the United States. As Amie says, “It’s a tragedy that finances hinder people (from life-saving care).”

Bring Your Brokenness is a faith-based program that has made a significant impact since its establishment in 2018. What began as a Sunday night online support group and blog has now expanded into a fully licensed residential treatment center that provides recovery retreats, support groups and a partial hospitalization program.

In the first year, they have served 22 women in the residential treatment program. Through their virtual services, they have provided care to individuals as far away as Australia. Bring Your Brokenness takes a comprehensive approach to eating disorder recovery, using evidence-based clinical research in their treatment models.

Initially composed of only four board members, they have now grown to include 10 board members, 15 full and part-time staff, and seven contract staff members. The organization currently serves adult women in the residential program and has future plans to open residential centers specifically tailored for adolescents and men.

Bring Your Brokenness acknowledges the importance of community involvement in the mission. Leaders actively seek volunteers for household tasks, yard work, and handyman services.

Financial assistance also is crucial, as the organization maintains a scholarship fund to provide for those who may otherwise be unable to afford treatment. The website features an Amazon wish list for consumables, allowing individuals to contribute in tangible ways.

Most important, Bring Your Brokenness offers hope and healing for life transformation through God’s word. Amie wants anyone suffering and in need of treatment to know, “We understand the struggle is real and difficult, but recovery is possible, and we would love to be a part of your recovery.”

You can get involved with Bring Your Brokenness through prayer, giving, volunteering, or attending their annual gala scheduled for September 14, 2023. For more information about Bring Your Brokenness or to seek help, visit the website at