Indigo Fernandina Opens its Doors

By Dylan Bailey
Lobster mac ‘n cheese.

Opening its doors on Nov. 14, 2023, Indigo brings a fresh twist on Southern coastal cuisine. Occupying the space previously owned by the renowned Le Clos, Indigo has successfully revamped the beloved restaurant’s Old World charm into a stunning, modern dining experience.

Indigo has gracefully preserved the building’s aesthetics while infusing modern elements to its design. This seamless blend of old and new is evident in the beautiful patio, covered for comfort, and the tastefully updated interior design. Ambiance is king and sets the stage for an elevated dining experience.

Hospitality is not merely a service, but an art form. The staff at Indigo ensures that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment you step in until the time you leave, you are treated with utmost care and attention. The staff’s attentiveness to details, from refilling your glass to ensuring the table’s perfect placement, adds to the overall high-class dining experience.

Indigo’s menu is carefully curated, focusing on quality over quantity. It offers a limited but well-thought-out selection of dishes, with three salads, five appetizers, eight entrees, and three dessert choices. This approach ensures each dish is given the proper love it deserves. If you’re a wine enthusiast, there’s a separate, fully fleshed-out menu just for that.

The appetizers at Indigo offer a variety of flavors to whet your appetite. The lobster mac ‘n cheese, priced at $19, is a standout dish. The mix of butter-poached lobster with orzo, topped with a fried cheese cracker, creates a memorable flavor. Another crowd favorite is the crabcake, a lump of jumbo crab served with a red pepper aioli.

The entrees at Indigo range from $31 to $54, offering a variety of options to cater to different palates. Among the dishes are the lamb rack and the duck breast, both recommended to be served medium rare to retain their juicy flavors. The lamb rack served with lentils and a vegetable ragout, and the duck breast, served with butternut squash and roasted potatoes, both offer an indulgent array of flavors.

To round off your meal, Indigo offers a selection of desserts, each priced at $12. The chocolate bomb, a piece of chocolate cake served with raspberry sorbet, is a must-try for chocolate lovers. Another delightful option is the banana pudding cheesecake, topped beautifully with vanilla wafers. A fun twist on the classic dessert.

Indigo offers more than just a meal; it provides a memorable dining experience. With its high-quality food, exceptional service, and beautiful ambiance, it is the perfect place for special occasions. Though the prices are on the higher end, the experience you get at Indigo justifies the cost.

Indigo has successfully created a dining experience that is both unique and memorable. It has managed to retain the charm of the previous establishment while bringing its own style to the table. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a unique dining experience, Indigo is a restaurant worth trying.

If you’d like to make a reservation, you can do so by visiting their website. Their Facebook page has a picture of the menu.


Address: 20 S. Second St., Fernandina Beach

Phone: 904-261-8100

Open: Tues. – Sat. 5:30-9 p.m.

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6 months ago

Why don’t they publish the menu? Friends and I won’t make reservations unless we know what they are offering. Come on guys! Is it a secret?

Richard Timm
Trusted Member
Richard Timm(@rtimm-ontheislandgmail-com)
6 months ago

Thank you Dylan. This is the first I have learned about Indigo.

6 months ago
Reply to  Richard Timm

Why don’t they post their menu?

Douglas M
Famed Member
Douglas M(@douglasm)
6 months ago

So Le Clos isn’t returning as reported 6 months ago? Seem to remember a sequence of “closing indefinitely” and then being told it wasn’t the owner that posted it (a “dirty trick” I believe was the title) to the owner asserting they would be back, hopefully in 6 months. Sounds like the original article turned out to be the most accurate after all and we were the fools……just hope those with outstanding gift certificates were able to recoup their money.

Dylan, you reported those events, I believe… I have the sequence correct?

Rod M
Active Member
Rod M(@rod-m)
6 months ago
Reply to  Douglas M

Exactly. Original reporting seems to have been inaccurate or superficial. This current “review” sounds like it was written by the new owner’s marketing department not a food reporter.

Douglas M
Famed Member
Douglas M(@douglasm)
6 months ago
Reply to  Rod M

Yes, it appears the numerous warnings by anonymous posters in the comments section of those articles were accurate. Sad…..I just hope the gift certificates were redeemed with no fuss.

Temp Mail
Temp Mail (@guest_71513)
6 months ago

Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing these details.

Hanna Rice
Hanna Rice (@guest_71677)
6 months ago

I appreciate your creativity and the effort you put into every post. Keep up the great work!