Local Pups Book a 100% Fundraiser for Animal Shelters

More than 80 photos of local pups highlight the Amelia Island Dog Lovers Guide, a new book about the special bond between pooches and people on and around Amelia Island.

It is packed with information from scores of residents and professionals who enhance the dog owning experience here. It also includes a list of businesses and community resources geared to canines, volunteer opportunities for dog lovers, suggested hikes and hangouts for pets and their people, and much more.

Amelia Island Dog Lovers Guide was created and produced entirely by skilled volunteers to benefit Nassau County’s two animal shelters. Wilma Allen, Dan Lorber, and Carol Moses wrote and designed it; Sherry Carter took many of the photos; and dozens of local dog lovers contributed heartfelt stories, pictures and professional dog care advice. Four local businesses covered printing costs so that all proceeds would help shelter dogs find forever homes.

The book is available now at Story & Song Bookstore/Bistro, Redbones Dog Bakery and Boutique, and will soon be at other locations including the Humane Society’s two resale shops, The Closet and Second Chance.

“This new book pays tribute to dogs and their humans with delightful stories and photos,” says Donna Kaufman, Story & Song founder, who invites all to a book launch party and celebration of all things canine on Saturday, Sept. 30, from 2-3 p.m.

The event is free. Reservations are not required.

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Noble Member
[email protected](@angeldoccie2003yahoo-com)
2 months ago

Kudos to these dog lovers!!!

Mark Tomes
Noble Member
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
2 months ago

I am a dog lover, really, but I might sound like a grump: Always, always keep your dog on a leash when not in your own yard, and never, never let your dog walk right up to someone who has not invited them to do so. Some people are allergic to dog hair and mites, and some people have had bad experiences with dogs and still get panicky when a dog approaches them (no matter how cute or friendly your dog is).

Noble Member
2 months ago
Reply to  Mark Tomes

As always, thanks for the lecture.

Active Member
2 months ago
Reply to  Mark Tomes

Yes, Mark, you do. Unnecessary on this good news article. Not pertinent information.

[email protected](@tinaallweissgmail-com)
2 months ago

Awesome! Can’t wait to read it. I hope it will be available online for out of towners to enjoy the love of our DOGS and ISLAND!