July 13, 2015 5:07 p.m.

Vicki P. Cannon, Nassau County Supervisor of Elections, would like to announce that the 2015 Nassau County Citizens’ Guide is on its way from our office to your mailbox! ”Our goal with this Citizens’ Guide is to provide equal opportunity for all citizens. Whether you have no transportation, are homebound, are without computer access, or have a busy schedule – you can still register to vote, update your voter record and, if you wish, request that your ballots be delivered by mail – all by using the forms included in your Citizens’ Guide! With just a few minutes and everything at your fingertips, you can ensure you are registered, your signature, address and all information in your voter record is current, and you can even receive a new Voter Information Card. All that is left to do is familiarize yourself with the candidates and issues that will be on your ballot to be certain you are ready for the upcoming election cycle.” – says Cannon.


You can expect to receive your copy of the Nassau County Citizens’ Guide in mid-July. This year’s Citizens’ Guide is a cooperative effort with the Board of County Commissioners, Property Appraiser, Sheriff, Office of Emergency Management and Tax Collector. The guide will contain information on each agency, including emergency preparedness instructions, along with a double-sided Florida Voter Registration Application/Vote by Mail request form and a postage paid envelope for returning the completed forms!

It is our sincerest hope that you will utilize your copy of the Nassau County Citizens’ Guide, to not only become informed personally, but also to help teach future generations on the importance of local government and the value of being a involved and informed citizen!

You can contact the office of Vicki P. Cannon, Nassau County Supervisor of Elections by visiting or calling 904.491.7500, Toll Free 1.866.260.4301, TDD 904.491.7510.

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Janie Wilkins
Janie Wilkins (@guest_40167)
7 years ago

I look forward to receiving my guide!
Thanks, Vicki!
You do us proud!
God bless!
Janie Wilkins

Janie Wilkins
Janie Wilkins (@guest_40168)
7 years ago

You do us proud, Vicki!
I look forward to receiving my guide!
Thanks and God bless!
Janie Wilkins

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