Property Appraiser Resolves Most Value Adjustment Petitions

Press Release from Nassau County Property Appraiser’s Office

Justin Taylor, Public Information Officer

Mike Hickox, Nassau County Property Appraiser
Mike Hickox, Nassau County Property Appraiser

After reviewing several hundred parcels, Property Appraiser Mike Hickox resolves many petitions that were filed with the Value Adjustment Board.

When Mike Hickox took office in January he knew he would have his hands full.  He inherited 425 petitions that were filed with the Value Adjustment Board and he made it his top priority to work on each one.  “I felt the taxpayers deserved a fair review and I wanted them to have my attention,” said Hickox.

Property owners have the right to petition the Value Adjustment Board if they feel their values are unjust and inconsistent with their surrounding area.  They may also file a petition if they feel their property tax exemption was unfairly denied.

In years past, Nassau County has had a high number of petitions filed compared to other like counties.  The past 4 years have seen a total of 2,105 petitions filed representing over 4,800 parcels.  The reduction in county taxable value due to Value Adjustment Board actions has been nearly 22 million dollars. “The costs for these hearings have averaged almost $50,000 a year for the Property Appraiser’s Office,” said Justin Taylor, Public Information Officer.  “As soon as he was sworn in to office, Mr. Hickox began reviewing the petitions, especially the areas that could use the most attention.”

Prior to being elected, Hickox chaired arbitration and mediation hearings for the
Association of Realtors.  “Having this experience, he understands the importance of
working with the citizens ahead of time to eliminate further proceedings,” said
Taylor. “It’s important that our values are consistent,” continued Hickox. “I am working now to ensure fair and accurate values countywide so we can eliminate many of these
hearings in the future.”

Of the 425 petitions filed in 2012, 303 were for residential properties, 75 were for
commercial properties, 31 were for agriculture classifications, 9 were for homestead
exemptions, and 7 were for tangible personal property.  These petitions represented
734 parcels.

Hickox and his staff reviewed each petition carefully and of the 425 petitions filed
only 2 were brought before the Value Adjustment Board.  Upon reviewing the evidence,
the Special Magistrate recommended that both petitions be ruled in favor of the
Property Appraiser’s Office.  The Value Adjustment Board agreed to the

County Commissioner Junior Boatright, who serves as the Board of County
Commissioners appointee to the Value Adjustment Board, commends Hickox for his
dedication.  “Mike deserves a lot of praise.” Boatright continues, “He’s been
amazing to work with.”

May 10, 2013 1:12 p.m.