Police blotter blast . . .

Submitted by Deborah Lavery Powers

Narrative from selected City of Fernandina Beach Police Reports ending 12/21/12Peck School, Police station, Rape bathroom 030

Our police department dispatches officers to homes and businesses within our community many times a day to offer assistance and support to our citizens. In most instances, a short note on the dispatch log is all that is needed to cover the details involved in a given case. However, there are times when longer written narratives need to be prepared for the record. The following are highlights from some of the narratives submitted in the last ten days. More to follow!

Police were, one evening, called to a downtown street corner where they discovered two romantically involved individuals having a domestic dispute. Basically — or at one level, anyway — the dispute involved a text message discovered on one of their cell phones. In the end, the female involved — after police observed her kicking and hitting her male friend in the face — was charged with Battery Domestic.

Disorderly intoxication, as well as an assault on an officer, were among the charges filed against an extremely belligerent patron at a bar near the beach. The Accused was not cooperative during the arrest process. Once at the police station, he proceeded to violently punch and hit the door to his holding cell. He soon found himself handcuffed to a bench with two sets of handcuffs.

Grand theft is one of the charges filed against a young man who removed three blank checks from the purse of his Aunt’s houseguest — and then, according to the police report, admitted to cashing two of the checks which were made out in his name and endorsed by him.

Police responded to a call from an 82 year old lady who reported someone had tried to enter her home while she was in Jacksonville. Evidence was found of an attempted, but apparently failed, effort to pry open the front door.

In another case, the Accused was charged with Disorderly Intoxication for trespassing on private property. By the time police arrived, the Accused was no longer on the property but soon could be heard creating a loud disturbance in the neighborhood with his yelling and screaming. He was not cooperative with the police and made threats regarding what he would arrange to have done to the arresting officers. He asserted, for one thing, that he would see to it that “Tommy himself” (referring to his boss, Mr. Tommy Seagraves) personally fire one of the officers.

A man used a check (number 6300) to make purchases in the amount of $339.80 at a local store. The only problem? The check was written on an “unable to locate” account at a South Carolina Bank.

A gas powered beach cruiser, which was left at a local bar one evening, could not be found when the patron returned to pick it up in the morning. He reported it stolen.

And the last report for today:

A good citizen came to the police department with a bank card in hand that had been left at a local ATM. Unfortunately, the bank card couldn’t be returned to its owner because she no longer lives at the address associated with her card, and her listed telephone number is no longer in service.

Editor’s Note: After a career in adult education, where writing, course design and development were her “beat”, Deborah is now enjoying the world of freelancing. And volunteering. We thank Deborah Powers for her contribution.