Noelle’s: Small Menu, But Tacos With Big Flavor


By Dylan Bailey

The story of Noelle’s Crunchy Taco, a small food truck stationed near the airport on Amelia Island, is both inspiring and mouthwatering. Owners Jared and Noelle, a couple with a passion for cooking and serving scrumptious tacos, have taken their food from humble beginnings to a thriving business.

When they opened, two years ago, Jared and Noelle’s food truck business in Jacksonville had a rocky start. Despite the initial setbacks, they decided to relocate to Amelia Island. It was a bold move, but it paid off. The business started booming, and the couple found their niche.

Before starting their food truck, Jared and Noelle had no professional culinary background. Jared was a union pipefitter and Noelle worked at Costco. However, one aspect united this duo – Noelle’s incredible cooking. Jared firmly believed in his wife’s cooking and that became the seed for Noelle’s Crunchy Taco.

The food truck operates with a minimalist menu, which has allowed them to focus on quality over quantity. Their menu mainly consists of crunchy tacos, a spicy variant, a smothered burrito, and a few soft drinks.

What makes Noelle’s tacos stand out is that satisfying crunch. The tacos, packed with either beef or chicken, are amazing. The meat is seasoned so well, and the balance of saltiness and fattiness hits just right. The toppings of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream add to the taste and presentation. The taco shell, interestingly, has a unique texture – crunchy yet thick and soft – much like a chalupa.

For those who enjoy some spice, Noelle’s Crunchy Taco also offers a spicy variant. The heat level is just enough to dance on your taste buds without being overwhelming. The pricing at Noelle’s Crunchy Taco is reasonable, too. Two filling tacos cost only $10.

Noelle’s Crunchy Taco is a must-try for anyone on Amelia Island. From the quality of the food to the warm service, it was a delight. So, if you find yourself near the airport and craving some delicious tacos, don’t hesitate to go for Noelle’s Crunchy Taco.

Noelle’s Crunchy Taco
Location: Lynndale Road, Fernandina Beach, FL
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Active Member
1 month ago

The food is delicious! The service is spot on. We have called ahead and it was ready to go on arrival.