Florida Dept of Health May 23 – Another staff member with Coronavirus at Lakeside of Amelia

May 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: The Florida Dept of Health updated its Coronavirus Health Facility report late last night to show three staff members, and one resident at The Lakeside of Amelia have now tested positive for Coronavirus.    On May 20, we reported 1 positive patient and 2 staff members.   With this new case, the Florida Dept of Health does not show an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in Nassau County. We assume the positive case was previously recorded. 

We thought you might be interested in the number of Coronavirus tests in Nassau County so we are posting a portion of the Florida Dept of Health Dashboard for your review. According to information provided by the Florida Dept of Health, there are no changes to the Cornavirus cases in Nassau County.

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Carla Voisard
Carla Voisard (@guest_57728)
3 years ago

They seem a day delayed from what I observed. See if there tomorrow.