Nassau County Emergency Management – Too many young un-vaccinated adults with COVID-19 requiring medical attention

Nassau County Emergency Management
July 27, 2021

Editor’s Note: Hospitalization figures for Baptist Health Nassau are not available in the Florida Dept of Health report, but thanks to former resident Jon Belcher  who responded to a comment asking if anyone knew how to obtain the information, we have an answer.   A link is available from the New York Times.

In addition, Anthony Stamps who lives on the westside of the county  lost 4 friends to COVID during this surge.  Their ages were 44, 50, 53 , and 80.  Get vaccinated!

For those unable to open the link, here are yesterday’s figures.  There were 21 patients at Baptist Health Nassau with no ICU beds available.

NE Florida is seeing a huge surge in CoViD-19 infections. Thankfully, some are mild cases; but too many are among young unvaccinated adults and many require medical care and hospitalization. Even before they have symptoms, infected people can spread the virus to others, including to people who cannot be vaccinated (e.g., children under age 12) and are at risk of severe complications.

Please get vaccinated as soon as you can (even if you have had CoViD-19, vaccination is a booster to your immune system) and stay home if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick.

If you have a family member with CoViD-19, take precautions!