Graduation Rates Increase in Nassau County

Submitted by Dr. Kathy K. Burns
Superintendent, Nassau County School District

February 2, 2019 12:44 p.m.

Students who attend school in Nassau County graduate. That’s the message represented in recently released data from both state and federal reports. The graduation rate for Nassau County students is 92.8%, compared to the state average of 86.1%, compared to the state average of 86.1%. Our goal continues to be SUCCESS FOR EVERY STUDENT – working every day for the success of students and the improvement of our schools.

Successful graduation begins on the first day of school. Teachers, support personnel, parents, community members, and especially STUDENTS spend many hours, days and years working towards graduation. Students must also come to school ready to learn. The Nassau County School District works to ensure students are meeting all requirements for graduation and strives to provide alternatives for those who need additional supports.

The District celebrates the success of ALL students including those with disabilities. When compared to other districts our size, Nassau County ranked #1 in the State for the graduation rate of students with disabilities with a rate of 87.6%.

Nassau County ranked third in the State compared to other districts our size in the area of ALL STUDENTS obtaining a higher education degree or are competitively employed.

Our theme this year is “WE ARE NASSAU!” It takes EVERYONE working together to ensure student success. Listed below are quotes from a few people who know what it takes to guarantee student success:

Bryceville Elementary School

Graduation begins in Kindergarten…Graduation is not a one-time event where a student walksacross a stage to accept a diploma; instead, it is a celebration of 13 years of students’accomplishments AND of every individual in the school system who has touched thatchild…Beginning in Kindergarten. – Amber M. Nicholas-Bovinette

Callahan Intermediate School

The graduation rate is continuing to increase because influential and life-changing role models (educators) are investing time inspiring students to strive for greatness. – Monica Cason

Callahan Middle School

When a student graduates, it is a collective accomplishment for the student, parent, School district and community. Our accomplishment; another young life emerging to contribute to our community and become a productive member of society. – Rhonda Devereaux

Emma Love Hardee Elementary School

Graduation rates improve because at some point, the graduating student had at least one person in their life, i.e….parent, grandparent, teacher, para, principal, bus driver mentor, etc. that taught them that they were valued and had talents and strengths in which to succeed. -RebeccaSmith

Fernandina Beach High School

The graduation rate is a product of the teachers, staff and student performance at every level. – Dr. John Mazzella

Wildlight Elementary School

Perseverance, commitment and hard work yield results, such as a 92.8% graduation rate. – Scott Hodges

Yulee Primary School

Nassau County’s impressive graduation rate is the result of a tremendous team effort by students, parents, teachers, support staff, and the community. We are Nassau!-BriannaHarris

Food Service

The Food & Nutrition Services Department mission is to build a foundation for student learning by providing nutritious high-quality food choices and for 12 years we feed their bodies and fuel their minds to allow them to learn and grown into the future leaders of tomorrow. – Dr. Lauren Jones

Maintenance and Facilities

In terms of graduation rate, we need to think not just of a percentage achieved, but of lives changed! – Linda Morris

We will not rest until we have a 100% graduation rate with increased opportunities for college preparation, career training, and the supports necessary to prepare students for an ever- changing world!

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