Did We Make the Grade?

Nassau County School Superintendent Dr. Kathy Burns

Submitted by Kathy Knight Burns
Nassau County School Superintendent
June 29, 2018 8:51 a.m.

The answer is YES!  School grades were released today!  The Nassau County School District is once again “A Rated!”  West Nassau High School and Yulee High School are back on the A list this year. There are some specific areas to celebrate for our schools, students, staff, and learning communities.

2016-2018 Florida Standards Assessment Data

                                                2016                2017                2018                State Rank

FSA/ELA (3rd-5th)                    69%                 72%                 72%                 2nd

FSA/Math (3rd-5th)                  78%                 79%                 81%                 1st

FCAT/Science              70%                 72%                 72%                 2nd

            2017-18 Elementary Highlights

Grade 3

ELA      Hilliard – 83%            Wildlight – 83%                    Callahan – 84%

Math   Hilliard – 89%           Callahan – 85%

Grade 4

Math   Hilliard – 91%           Bryceville – 84%                    Callahan – 84%

Emma Love – 81%                                                     Yulee – 80%

Grade 5

ELA                  Callahan – 85%

Math               Callahan – 95%         Hilliard – 87%                       Bryceville – 86%

Science            Callahan – 85%         Hilliard – 80%

Secondary Highlights

Grade 6          ELA –     64%                2ndin the State

Math – 64%                9thin the State

Grade 7          ELA –     57%                5thin the State

Math – 70%                7thin the State

Grade 8          ELA –     68%                8thin the State

Math – 60%                12thin the State

Grade 9          ELA – 66%                   3rdin the State

Grade 10        ELA – 64%                   5thin the State

Hilliard Middle Senior High          6thGrade ELA73%

Hilliard Middle Senior High          6thGrade Math         88%

Fernandina Beach Middle6thGrade ELA70%

Hilliard Middle Senior High          8thGrade ELA73%

Fernandina Beach Middle8thGrade ELA71%

Fernandina Beach High                  9thGrade ELA74%

English Language Learners (ELL Population)

Results for 2016-17              13% scored proficient

Results for 2017-18              31% scored proficient

State average for 2017-18   23% scored proficient

The Nassau County School District’s graduation rate is 91%. 

Note: There are several components used to calculate school grades.  These include:

  • English/Language Arts Achievement
  • English Language Arts learning gains of the lowest 25%
  • Mathematics Achievement
  • Science/Social Studies Achievement
  • College/Career Acceleration*
  • Graduate Rates

School Grades

Fernandina Beach Middle School                         A

Emma Love Hardee Elementary School               A

Yulee Elementary                                                    B

Callahan Middle                                                      B

Hilliard Middle-Senior                                            A

Bryceville Elementary                                             A

West Nassau High School                                      A(up from a B)

Yulee Middle School                                               B

Yulee High School                                                   A (up from a B)

Hilliard Elementary School                                     A

Callahan Intermediate                                            A

Fernandina Beach High                                          A

“I am excited for our students, our teachers, and our staff.  The future is bright for Nassau County and our students. These results show students are excelling in the classroom and preparing for an ever-changing world.  Join us in celebrating our success as we continue to improve and pursue excellence.


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Robert Warner
Robert Warner (@guest_51731)
5 years ago

Hard work – Students, Teachers, Admin – pays off. Our schools – a sign of community excellence. Well done. Again.