Department of Health – Nassau Director Dr. Eugenia Ngo-Seidel to retire after 30 years of service

Dr. Eugenia Ngo-Seidel  introduces Dr. Danso-Odeito the Board of County Commissioners.

By Cindy Jackson
April 13, 2021

On May 13, 2021, Dr. Eugenia Ngo-Seidel, Director of the Department of Health for Nassau County will retire after 30 years of service.

At the April 12, 2021 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, the appointment of a new director was unanimously approved.

Nassau County Board of Commissioners unanimously select Dr. Danso-Odei to become Director of Florida Department of Health – Nassau.

His name is Dr. Prince Danso-Odei. Dr. Danso-Odei, comes to Nassau County from Clay County, Florida where he served as the Director of Disease Prevention and Control (for the Florida Department of Health) since 2014.

Dr. Danso-Odei received his medical degree from the Zaporozhye State Medical University (in the Ukraine), his Master of Public Health from Walden University and his Doctor of Public Health in Epidemiology from Capella University.


In introducing Dr. Danso-Odei, Dr. Ngo-Seidel said that he is “extremely qualified to head our health department,” and a letter of recommendation signed by Dr. Scott A. Rivkees, State Surgeon General, noted that “Dr. Danso-Odei has an excellent and diverse background in all aspects of public health and has demonstrated ability as a skilled leader.”

As required by Florida Statutes, the Florida Department of Health works with a county government in selecting a new health department director.


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