Braddock seeks position as Nassau County Superintendent of Schools

Dale P Braddock
Candidate for Nassau County
Superintendent of Schools
June 26, 2020

Candidate Dale P Braddock

Dale P. Braddock, lifetime resident and educator of Nassau County has announced his candidacy for Superintendent of the Nassau County School System. Braddock qualified last month with the Supervisors of Elections office by submitting over 800 petition cards. Braddock is “deeply grateful” to those who supported his efforts. We are now in the process of distributing signs and campaign information.

Braddock has served the students/parents of Nassau County for over 33 years in many different capacities which include teacher/coach, Athletic Director, media specialist, Assistant Principal, Principal and the Director of Secondary Education. He feels that with his background experience/knowledge he is well qualified to lead the district.
Dale believes that life is about balance—this applies to personal safety, professional salaries and educational lives. He feels we, as a district/state, need to have less emphasis on state testing and more choices for our students in both the vocational track and the college prep/academic tract.

• Safety- to ensure that ALL district students/employees work in a safe/secure learning environment.

• Nassau County has ranked in the top 5 of the 67 school districts since the inception of Florida Assessments in 1998. We have held this high esteem for over 20 years. But…….our teachers/instructional salary’s rank 37 out of the 67 school districts. In addition, our non-instructional (paraprofessionals) and support staff (custodians, bus, food, maintenance) salaries need to be addressed as well. All employees deserve a living wage. The majority of our employees are underpaid. We DO rank in the top 5 in the state with our test scores, but 37 out of 67 in wages.

• Our schools need to focus on courses that relate to our three largest employers: teachers, tourists and timber to prepare our students for productive rewarding lives. Each high school should offer course opportunities in teacher education, pulp and paper production and hotel and restaurant management. These would provide above average salaries for our graduates.

• Budget Review- the first and main priority would be to review the current nearly $200 million yearly budget with the school district consultants and explore ways to reduce current expenses and spending. Raising property taxes on the Nassau County property owners is not an option—Now or Later. Property owners and small businesses have already endured enough hardships with the pandemic alone, without the burden of a higher property tax!
Braddock has been married to Carol (Emmi) for 46 years. She is also a lifelong educator in the Nassau County system for 47 years. They have two children, Bishop and Blake who are also educators. They currently reside in Boulogne.

Braddock, as a school administrator, has always embraced an open door policy and welcomes questions, suggestions, feedback to make our school district stronger. Nassau Strong!

Editor’s Note:  Braddock faces Incumbent Dr. Kathy Knight Burns, and Albert J Wagner in the race for Nassau County School Superintendent.  All registered votes will be allowed to vote in the August 18 open election.

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