Walk to “Support the Police” takes place in Fernandina Beach

By Susan Hardee Steger
July 3, 2020

Editor’s Note:  We thank Lea Gallardo for providing terrific photos of Fernandina’s Support the Police Walk.   We also thank Michael Ritter for providing a photo.

Yesterday, approximately 300 people showed their support for the police during an occasional rainy walk that began in historic downtown Fernandina.   The walk was billed as a non-political event. Lead organizers were P J Voorhees and Ricky Robbins. No speeches were made before the event.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper and Fernandina Beach Police Chief  joined the walk.     “I am hopeful that this peaceful march demonstrates widespread support for local law enforcement, while I am still committed to engaging in discussions about best practices and ways to develop community trust,” said Fernandina Beach Police Chief Jim Hurley.



Support the Police walkers line up on Ash Street in Fernandina Beach.  Photo courtesy of Michael Ritter.


Fernandina Beach Police Service Aid Member (R) offers free masks to parade participants.  A Fernandina Observer Photo.



Intermittent rain did not stop the parade of walkers. A Fernandina Observer photo.


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