A sizeable load makes its way through the Fernandina harbor to the Port of Fernandina and beyond to Jekyll Island

By Susan Hardee Steger
July 3, 2020

Stan and Nancy Fishburn told me, as we passed one another on my way to  Main Beach,  to look for two large towers [update giant cranes]  on a barge being pushed by two tug boats through the harbor.  Although I missed seeing towers at the beach, I was delighted to capture this unusual view from Egans Creek.  Thank you Stan and Nancy!

Update:  My sources for port activity have a great view over the Port of Fernandina and we thank them for adding another photo to the mix.  We assumed the destination of the towers was to the Port of Fernandina, but its final destination will be Jekyll Island, Georgia.   Thanks to Cathy and Chuck Maier.

Update 2:  Thanks to Denise Stith Sample, we learned this device is headed to the Jekyll Island, Georgia to cut up the Golden Ray, a ship that capsized in September of 2019.


The heavy load as seen from Egans Creek.


A giant crane arrives at the Port of Fernandina. Photo courtesy of Cathy and Chuck Maier.


Another veiw of the giant crane to be used to cut the cargo ship Golen Ray near Jekyll Island.  Photo courtesy of Stan and Nancy Fishburn.
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Bill Tilson
Bill Tilson (@guest_58171)
3 years ago

The Golden Ray lies just off St. Simons Island. Very visible from the Mallory Street pier