Good news from city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Submitted by Dale Martin
City Manager, Fernandina Beach
August 17, 2019
REPOSTED August 21, 2019

As reported by city Utilities Director John Mandrick:

Good news we are getting back to normal.  Our Treatment Train B is back on line and working well.  We our draining our Treatment Train A back into the headworks and will be cleaning it out next week so that it can be in a ready state.  We are back into normal staffing and have a list of items that we plan to repair and improve our operation.  The following are a list of all the employees that assisted during this incident:

Joe Cooner, Chief Plant Operator
Ryan Strickland, Operator
Frank Walden, Operator
Tim Brewer, Operator
Trip Duffy, Wastewater Tech II
Joe Evans, Wastewater Tech II
Terry Dodds, Wastewater Electrician
Ed Jara, Wastewater Tech II
Robin Turner, Wastewater Tech II
Casey Frank, Wastewater Tech I
Walter Gray, Operator
Juan Brown, Utilities Superintendent
Dale Crews, Utilities Purchasing Agent

Service to West Rock is still off and will remain off until Monday morning at 8:30 am.  On Monday morning we are planning on sampling WestRock’s sewer prior to resuming service.



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