Fernandina Police Release Bodycam Video of City Manager Bicycle Accident

Fernandina Beach Police body camera video of new City Manager Ty Ross’ bicycle accident two weeks into the job on Oct. 29. Ross said he had too much to drink downtown when he began riding his bike home. The crash at about 7:30 p.m. was near the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and 14th Street. The city commission has set a special meeting to determine what if any penalties should be brought against Ross.

Here is the link to watch the video: Police Bodycam Ty Ross video

A written summary of the body camera footage is posted in a separate article.

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6 months ago

Resignation- He needs to resign. He embarrassed himself, the city and the position he holds. Very poor judgement. How can we count on him to make good decisions for our city? The reason (excuse) he gives is life is hard? Really? And this is how he deals with it? He states he doesn’t have his family or support structure around him? Grow up!!! How is he going to feel when he is on the front end of a tough decision that is unpopular and he is one of a few that support such a decision? Go out and get blasted and blame it on his loneliness? Come on man. You embarrassed yourself and this city. You have lost any credibility that came with you when you took this job.

Noble Member
6 months ago

Copy and pasted from another of Lendovich’s attack on Ross,

Please ask yourself why the liberal left has united try to run Ty Ross out of town. Left Coast Lendovich penning article after article on the topic, describing the calls for Ross’s resignation as “withering” when only four people spoke, County Democratic Chairperson Coochie and three of her minions she brought in tow. Why are Coochie, Lendovich, and the far-left wing of the City Commission Ross and Antun united in their attempt to exact revenge on Ross calling for a public meeting (trial and humiliation) when the man has admitted he screwed up by drinking and driving . . . his bike. Where was this holier than thou outcry when left wing darling Mayor Miller was publishing videos from behind the bar at the Palace and was charged with serving a female minor? Is this revenge for the termination of Dale Martin? Was Ty Ross not the preferred liberal City Manager candidate? The man made a mistake, he has taken responsibility and apologized, this political theatre demeans every resident of this city. Commissioners Ascuye, Sturges, Mayor Bean – Please end this charade.

Paula M
Noble Member
Paula M(@paula-m)
6 months ago

When asked by the policeman if he lived in Fernandina he answered “unfortunately yes”..that doesn’t sound like someone who is happy in his new job or new locale. Perhaps this position should be re-thought.