NightSanders object to Beach Community Working Group proposed camping ban

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Press Release
Photos by Cindy Jackson
November 12, 2019

NightSanders’ Photos by Cindy Jackson

I’m Ronald [Zurie] the director of a group called NightSanders Camper’s.
We are a Multicultural group of Campers. Our plight is for our inherited camping rights on Afro-American Beach.
Location: Fernandina Beach, Nassau County. North of Jacksonville Florida.

I’ve attended months of meetings with Nassau County Omnibus Beach / Beach Community Working Group. Ive reread all the paperwork set forth by the Committee all white male board members.

Yes, We have submitted a 6 page “Draft Report” to this committee with no avail.

Yes, We do understand their reasoning and decisions to end all camping on Nassau County beaches. Its bad behavior on the Northern end of Nassau County beaches.

This decision will also affect our Historical camping rights on Afro-American Beach, located on the Southern end of Nassau County beaches. We consider ourselves the [stewards] of this Historical Beach area.

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2 Responses to NightSanders object to Beach Community Working Group proposed camping ban

  1. Cathy Boyd says:

    The group is VERY large when they come here to camp and they stay consecutively for months. I reside here and pay taxes here and last summer I could not go to the beach for more than 2 months because of this group campers ,literally took over the beach! THAT is not right. There is Fort Clinch has camping as well as many campgrounds already approved in Florida.

  2. Barbara Coley says:

    Camping on American Beach is a Tradition which began in 1935……my heritage is Cherokee…I am a nightsander and celebrate this heritage bi-yearly on this beautiful historical beach. Ronald Zurie is a Warrior protesting for right of all people’s to honor our cultures and our Ancestors each time we come together to camp on Afro-American Beach and needs to be preserved for all generations ..past, present and yet to be born..

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