Restaurant Review: Thumbs Up for Hana Sushi in Yulee

By Dylan Bailey

As someone deeply fond of Asian cuisine and seafood, I was thrilled to explore Wildlight’s new developments. The growing population has sparked an intriguing question – where are the best places to eat? With an already-established Hana Sushi on the island, how does it hold up in Wildlight?

The restaurant, conveniently situated in a bustling strip mall, immediately struck me with its modern aesthetics and warm atmosphere. The high ceilings gave an impression of spaciousness and pristine overall cleanliness. A traditional sit-down experience enhanced by the friendly service added to the pleasant experience.

I delved into the menu and began with the Bang Bang shrimp. For $8, I was presented with six plump pieces of deep-fried shrimp bathed in a sweet chili sauce. The shrimp were succulent, and the breading added a satisfying crunch with each bite.

I then decided to brave the Godzilla Roll. Priced at $11.95, it’s filled with spicy tuna and avocado, deep-fried to perfection, with a trio of sauces – spicy mayo, eel sauce, and hot sauce. How can you go wrong? If you’ve never tried sushi before, start with this one.

Next was the Singapore Mei Fun, a stir-fried dish with thin rice noodles that packed a punch of curry flavor. I chose to add steak to mine, which increased the price to $19. Despite being slightly on the higher end, the dish was delicious. The curry was robust yet not overpowering, the noodles had the right chewiness, and the steak was juicy.

Finally, I tried the Thai basil bowl. I opted for shrimp as my protein, bringing the total cost to $18. The aroma of basil was instantly noticeable and appetizing. The shrimp, however, were slightly overcooked, which was a minor downside. Still, the combination of flavors was delightful.

Despite some minor hiccups, my experience at Hana Sushi was overwhelmingly positive. The variety on the menu was impressive, and the quality of the food was respectable. Their lunch special, available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, is worth revisiting. With a cozy interior and a lively neighborhood, Hana Sushi in Wildlight gets a hearty thumbs up from me.

Hana Sushi


Address: 40 Homegrown Way Suite F, Yulee, FL 32097

Phone: 904-468-5954

Open: Hours vary