Baptists Abandon Condo Plans Near Buccaneer Trail


Amelia Baptist Church has abandoned plans to build two condominium buildings with 24 total units along the Amelia River on an oak-lined street of residential homes off Buccaneer Trail.

In addition, the church also proposed increasing the size and scale of its complex located on Buccaneer Trail and Gerbing Road. Those plans are now under reconsideration.

Michael Robilotto of the Preserve Buccaneer Trail group on Facebook reported the church and the developer of the condominium project, Wood Development Company of Jacksonville, had terminated their sale agreement for 3.64 acres of riverfront land on Shadow Woods Lane.

Robilotto said he received an email from the church's head of development with an update on the property.

Last April, the church held a presentation that included conceptual drawings for the two, 4-story buildings, around a pool with 24 total units, a small park, and a parking lot. According to the Nassau County Property Appraiser website, the land at 1356 Shadow Woods Lane was purchased by Amelia Baptist Church on Jan. 3, 2023 for $4.4 million from the estate of Maria Ann Sellers.

Robilotto said he has been talking with church representatives about the concerns of Shadow Woods homeowners as well as surrounding neighbors. He has provided updates on those conversations on the Facebook Preserve Buccaneer Trail page.

"As it stands now, as far as the church's plans for the property, everything is TBD - to be determined," Robilotto told the Observer. "The church very much wants to expand its facility in order to accommodate more people for special services. As far as the Shadow Woods property is concerned, there are no current plans in place."

He said it could take up to two years for the church to configure alternative proposals for the property.

"I think the church is back to square one as far as development of the property goes," Robilotto said.