Runners in Amelia Island’s First Step participate in Gate River Run

Amelia Island’s First Step
Submitted by Becky White
March 15, 2018 2:00 p.m.

15 members of Amelia Island’s First Step participated in and finished the Gate River Run on March 10th in Jacksonville. The Gate River Run is a 9.3 mile course that goes over the Main Street and Hart Bridges as it winds through Jacksonville. With close to 20,000 people attending, the Gate River Run is the largest 15K Race in the USA.

A. I. First Step Runners who participated in the Gate River Run. L-R, Grant Randa, Debbie Tait, Tom White, Ana Diaz, Robyn Mejia, Marci Wilson, Holly Hamilton, Ceris Feakes, Becky White, Robbin Smith, Gina Orlando, Denise Manderfield, Paul Manderfield and Sharon Randa. Not pictured Janet Morrison, Photo by Becky White

First Step member Ana Diaz, age 68, of Fernandina Beach, challenged herself to participate in the Gate River Run. It was her first race ever and not only did she finish, she ranked in the top 25% of finishers in her age group completing the event in under two hours.

In her first race ever, Ana Diaz holds her Gate River Run award for finishing in the top 25% in her age group.  Photo courtesy of Becky White