Incumbent Mike Lednovich Files for 2022 Fernandina Beach City Commission Election

Candidate Press Release
November 16, 2021

Mayor Mike Lednovich today filed for re-election to the City Commission Seat 4 position in the 2022 election.

“In 2018 I ran on a quality-of-life platform. For the past three years, I have kept my promises to limit growth, protect our natural environment, increase property placed in conservation and provide improved City services,” Lednovich said. “I also made the City Commission and City activities transparent to the public by publishing important documents on social media available to the public.”

Lednovich’s term as Mayor expires in December, 2022. As set by the City Charter, commissioners seeking re-election are prohibited from seeking the Mayor position.

“The 2022 City Commission election is crucial in maintaining the quality of life we all enjoy in our wonderful city. We are at a tipping point of over-development that threatens to push our infrastructure past its capacity to support such growth,” Lednovich said. “We are dangerously close to having a commission that will rubber-stamp new development in the City.”

The greatest threat to increased density in the City is developers seeking to have county property annexed into the city and having property rezoned for residential use, he said,”I’m adamantly opposed to rezoning land from commercial or industrial to residential use. Whatever parcels are currently zoned residential that’s fine. But we cannot afford to absorb more residential density in the city,” Lednovich said.

Among the actions Lednovich supported during his three years on the Commission are:

  • Construction of a new seawall/boardwalk to prevent future flooding of the historic downtown.
  • Defeating a plan to convert the City-leased Amelia River Golf Course into a luxury car racetrack complex.
  • Strengthening of the City’s Tree Ordinance enforcing stiffer penalties on the unlawful removal of trees and increasing the number of trees developers must keep in place in building their projects.
  • Opposing the Port of Fernandina’s plan to expand its operation into the Historic District, including the closure of important streets.
  • Opposing the development of the Amelia Bluff property and supporting the property be placed in conservation.
  • Opposing the development of six pristine city-owned acres into Simmons Road Park.
  • Placing $1 million in City coffers to purchase land for conservation.
  • Developing a five-year program to repair City buildings that are on the verge of failing.
  • Review and revisions to the City’s Building Department procedures and enforcement.
  • Implementing a plan to increase the City’s depleted tree canopy by 2024.