First large scale Nassau County COVID-19 vaccination event held in Yulee

Nassau County Insider
January 11, 2021
Becky Liddell and Tamika Gordon at the check-in table
Nassau County Emergency Management and the Nassau County Department of Health hosted the first large scale COVID-19 vaccination event today at the Yulee Gymnasium. (two small scale vaccination series were held recently at the Department of Health).

A total of 350 individuals from the first priority group  (healthcare workers with direct patient contact and adults over 65 years of age) had their first of two COVID-19 vaccination doses at today’s event. Health officials are committed to providing the vaccine to the community as quickly as possible. New appointments will be announced through OneNassau as additional doses are provided to the County from the State of Florida. Visit for additional information.

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Joe Collins
Joe Collins (@guest_60039)
2 years ago

So much for their “Alert “ system. Not one WORD about this. You read about it AFTER. Typical Nassau County hacks. Weeks ago they got vaccines in Broward County, but NOW we get the FIRST vaccines here? It will be YEARS before these clowns get around to helping those who aren’t in their clique. BS.

Susan Steger
Susan Steger(@co-editor-2)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joe Collins

Joe, The vaccination event was for those who had a scheduled appointment to get a vaccine. As far as the alert system goes, I signed up and I am getting alerts regarding vaccination appointments being opened, and alerts regarding opportunities to test. If you are not getting any alerts, I’d call Nassau County Emergency Management.

mike spino
mike spino (@guest_60041)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joe Collins

I got a text notification last Monday, got an appointment and was vaccinated on Wednesday. Everything worked perfectly. The county and the state health department in the county are doing the best they can. They need more vaccines. Call the Governor.