What’s With the Alachua Project? Contractor Shortages

Curious people want to know: What’s going on at the seemingly stalled Alachua rail crossing project, and when is something going to happen?

We asked Interim City Manager Charles George and got a good, clear answer. He said:

“The first phase of the project is the large, 36-inch diameter directional drill work to install a large storm drainage pipe under the railroad to discharge stormwater from the pump station to the river. There are only a few contractors with this type of equipment and expertise to perform such work in the Southeast, and they are extremely busy due to the lack of other providers.

“The general contractor has a contract with one of the firms to perform the Alachua work, but it is currently trying to wrap up a project in South Florida. Once they are finished there, hopefully late August or early September, they will be heading our way.

“The general contractor has tried to obtain a backup contractor in case mobilization is delayed, however, all other contractors with similar experience and equipment are also overloaded.”

Mr. George hopes that explains the issue.