What one family owned restaurant is doing in the era of the Coronavirus . . .

By Susan Hardee Steger
March 18, 2020

After reading about restaurants adjusting to life during the “Coronavirus Pandemic,”  I asked Tim Poynter who along with his wife Theresa, and son Brian, own Cafe Karibo/Karibrew and Timoti’s in Fernandina Beach.  Full disclosure; Cafe Karibo was the first business to advertise with the Fernandina Observer and we appreciate his support over our almost 8 years.

Cafe Karibo“As of today, customers will be able to order online and pay ahead via its website which will help speed up delivery and lower contact.”

Cafe Karibo:  Upon request (904-277-5269), curb side pickup is available for menu items.  Customers can order online and pay ahead via Cafe Karibo’s website which will help speed up delivery and lower contact.  (On a side note, we should all be as generous as we can be in tipping staff in all of our area restaurants. They need our help.)

A clean kitchen is always a top priority, but now it is even more so.  All of Tim’s restaurants are increasing cleaning routines.  Arriving customers are spaced out in either the indoor, with the exception of Timoti’s,  or outdoor settings.  Seating will be limited to 50% of their 257 seating capacity.  Hand sanitizer is always available.  When guests leave, tables are wiped down with sanitizer.

According to Tim, Cafe Karibo’s menu has not changed, but under consideration are family style take-out casseroles such as Veggie Lasagna, Chicken Carbonara and more.

Timoti’s: is offering its full menu.  Walk-up orders are being taken from the “pick up” window since the inside of the business is now closed to customers.

The most expedient way to order is through  Timoti’s website, where you can easily pay ahead.    If a customer prefers curbside service, simply call on arrival.   The patio area is available for seating for those who wish to eat on the premises.

In response to the concern over economic hardships in the industry Tim said, ” It’s going to tough for awhile but I’m confident, as always, that this will make us all stronger!”





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Bill Owen
Bill Owen (@guest_56815)
3 years ago

The Patio Place (Ash and South 5th Street) also has opened a takeout window, and has patio seating. Please, everybody, try to support all our local businesses during this time of reduced tourist traffic!

Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_56819)
3 years ago

The Amelia Tavern will also be open for lunch & dinner…….closing from 3-5pm for deep cleaning. Let’s give them & all the other restaurants our support at this time.

Greg Shurman
Greg Shurman (@guest_56823)
3 years ago

Peppers on Centre has outdoor seating available. Please be generous to the staff.