Want to Help Our Environment? You Need to Know This

By Candis Whitney 

Did you know that there are more than 25 environmental/conservation organizations in Nassau County working to protect and preserve our beaches, rivers, maritime forests, heritage trees, lands, soils, parks, wildlife, birds, turtles, whales and even your backyard?

All are striving to ensure a future of environmental, economic and social sustainability and resilience.

Last week, on a somewhat gloomy afternoon, rays of light were radiating from Story & Song, as Conserve Nassau hosted a roundtable discussion of Nassau Conservation Network leaders.

We gathered together to share successes, challenges, future plans and collaborations. We heard from an incredible group of caring organizations and their people, who are committed to the betterment of the diverse ecosystems of Nassau County.

All are working to limit runaway development and offer mutually beneficial, nature-based solutions.

One resounding theme echoed through the afternoon: “education and awareness.”

Each organization offers knowledgeable resources and detailed literature on the flora and fauna of our area, and information on how you can actively participate and contribute to our collective endeavor in preserving this uniquely beautiful place we all call home.

What can you do?

For contact information on the conservation groups, go to Conserve Nassau’s network page.

Whatever your passion, you will find an organization that will welcome your energy and enthusiasm.

Listen, learn, share with friends and family, and help out wherever you can.

These organizations are guaranteed to enrich our lives, families, communities and our county.

Attend and support nature festivals and nature-based activities in our county.

Check out the Conserve Nassau website.

Continue to follow the Community Conservation Calendar

And to be really inspired, look at this video of our tree canopy, “Living in Our Maritime Forest.”

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Mark Tomes
Noble Member
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
19 days ago

Conserve Nassau and all the other wonderful conservation and environmentalist groups in the county are helping to keep our environs healthy and thriving. The other side of the picture is to elect leaders who are conservation-minded. In the upcoming elections, I suggest we pay attention to whether a candidate is pro-development or pro-conservation. All the good works in the world can be instantly undone by a commission that allows wonton development and will not allocate resources to conservation.

Active Member
18 days ago

No matter your passion for the environment, there is a non-profit or grassroots group to help you fill it! We have so many awesome groups in Nassau County – all seeking, in different ways, to help us enjoy this beautiful place we call home!

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