Nassau County recognizes employees

Nassau County Insider
November 19, 2020

At today’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, several employees were recognized for their years of service to the County.

Pictured left to right are: Taco Pope, County Manager Diane Griffin, Accounting Specialist (celebrating 20 years) Debbie Moody, Records Specialist (celebrating 20 years) Dawn Bostwick, Library Director (celebrating 25 years) Janet Loveless, Assistant Library Director (celebrating 25 years) Elaine Strickland, Cataloger (celebrating 20 years)

These following individuals are also celebrating years of service but were unable to attend the meeting this morning:

John Horne, Convenience Center Closure Operator (celebrating 20 years)
Tammy Conley, Administrative Specialist I (celebrating 20 years)
Reginald Jones, Sr., Building Maintenance Tech III (celebrating 20 years)

We appreciate these employees and all they do for the citizens of Nassau County and we wish them many more years of success.

-Sabrina Robertson
County Manager’s Office

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