Mystery around UNPROTECTED part of the NaNa Dune System in Historic American Beach – Your help is needed!

By Carlton Jones
March 8, 2020

Caution: Survey stakes all of a sudden appeared and no one seems to know what is being planned for this 30 + foot of UNPROTECTED part of the NaNa Dune System in Historic American Beach, Fernandina Beach, Florida.

“If someone knows, something? Please share.”

The NaNa Dune is the tallest Dune in Florida and is protected by the National Park Service. The Little NaNa Dune is UNPROTECTED. The National Park Service attempted to acquire it but it would take to long to go through Congress.

The NaNa Dune System, in Historic American Beach, is the tallest Dune System in Florida. All of a sudden Building Survey stakes appeared around part of the unprotected Dune known as Little NaNa Dune. The NaNa Dune System is not only a major tourist attraction to Amelia Island but a important part of the remaining dune system.

Ocean Blvd. Estates TPOA, backs up to the Little NaNa Dune. Tony Brown, William Price and Carlton Jones are the officers of Ocean Blvd. Estates, Inc. and our development has a 5 foot landscape buffer between the dunes and our homes on the west side.

The surveyor marked our palm trees inside the landscape buffer, which indicates one or two things, they will protect the palm trees or remove them during site work and excavation of the Little NaNa Dune?

I communicated with Nassau County, Florida, where they had no record of development plans for that site. The current zoning allows 4 units per .50 acres. The zoning allows for Apartments or Townhouses to be built.

I contacted the National Park Service and the Park Rangers inspected the site, however they didn’t know anything about the survey stakes. The Park Ranger, did indicate that the Park Service did want to acquire the Little NaNa Dune system. To protect it from development and reunite it as part of the NaNa Dune System. The Park Service recently discovered it would take to long to go through Congress, to expand the boundaries of Little NaNa into big NaNa boundary.

A little over a year ago, a owner rented a back-hole and destroyed some of the Dune and vegetation. The Nassau County Building Department stopped them, because they did not have a Permit.

Historic American Beach is experiencing an on slot of real estate development and some of it is good. However, we should make sure that we do not destroy the natural beauty, remaining dunes, tree canopy and history that is rarely experienced in beachfront communities today. The History is rich and tourist visit our Historic American Beach Community, National Park Service NaNa Dune and American Beach Museum from all over the World. Sometimes by the bus loads.

The Nassau County Planning and Zoning Department has been working with the American Beach Property Owners Association and residents on how to plan for future development growth. Abraham Lincoln Lewis, the Founder & President of the Afro-American Insurance Company, master planned a wonderful community that has survived for over 85 years.

Builders and Developers often rush development plans through so that there will be very little community push back. However, the best developments occur with good input from the community. Little NaNa Dune is a very important part of our natural landscape and wildlife of Historic American Beach.

If the National Park Service can not protect the Dune System, then I do expect that the Nassau County, Building, Planning and Zoning Departments will insure that any planned development will build within the Dune System wisely. The Little NaNa Dune protects the Omni Golf Course, Osprey Village and it’s newly planned Wellness Center. God naturally designed Dune Systems to protect inland communities and Coastal Barrier Islands from flooding. God has blessed and protected the American Beach Community for over 85 years, let us continue to respect the natural beauty that can not be manufactured by man’s hands.

Attached is a google earth photo that you can enlarge and see how high the peak of Little NaNa to the South is to the height of big NaNa Dune to the North.

If someone knows, something? Please share.

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Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet (@guest_56747)
3 years ago

Viligance People! I will alter my daily bike route to pass this significant AI treasure each day.

If we all are “hands on” and are present when ANYTHING is dug,etc.most of us have smart phones. Do a streaming viedo from the public road so as to avoid a harrassment trespass and post it on all social media. Call JAX TV and slam whoever is doing this work. Calling The City of Fernandina or the County will only result in you being elbow butted to yet another department and yet another voicemail. Shamful. Your tax dollars at “work”.

People power is the only way to save this treasure.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott(@dave-l)
3 years ago

Nicholas, this property is not inside the city limits of Fernandina Beach so the City’s Code Enforcement or Community Planning/Development departments have no jurisdiction on this matter.
I would hope that the Taco Pope and the Nassau County Planning Department will investigate this matter immediately and ensure that any development restrictions are clearly understood and followed so there is no after the fact “oops” involved.

Christine Harmon
Christine Harmon (@guest_56748)
3 years ago

Shared. Please keep us informed.

Jo-Ann Leimberg
Jo-Ann Leimberg (@guest_56749)
3 years ago

Would the North Florida Land Trust be able to be of any help in purchasing this land, then possibly donating it to the Park?

Margaret Kirkland
Margaret Kirkland(@kirkland-mrk)
3 years ago

ATC submitted these parcels to NFLT with recommendation for conservation at least twice over the past six years. They submitted them to the Park Service.

Gwendolyn White
Gwendolyn White (@guest_56768)
3 years ago

What can we do to help?

Rik Freeman
Rik Freeman (@guest_68024)
10 months ago

I would like to know the plants, and wildlife of Nana dunes?