London’s Pub and Keep Nassau Beautiful host a “Plant Trees Fundraiser”

Keep Nassau Beautiful
Contact: Lynda Bell Executive Director
[email protected]
October 24, 2019

Keep Nassau Beautiful kicks-off its Nassau County tree planting project with a sold-out

Chef Brett and Kile Bell preparing the first round of lobsters for plating.

It was an unforgettable evening to raise money for a tree planting project in Nassau county. The London’s Pub staff kept guests refreshed while Chef Brett Heritage plated a Lobster boil to a sold-out crowd.

The October 19th fundraiser was the kickoff event for a five-month project to plant 300 trees in Nassau County beginning Dec. 1, 2019 and concluding April 30, 2020. Keep Nassau Beautiful desires to implement a tree planting project to engage citizens in the positive actions we can take as a community to restore the tree canopy and retain the benefits trees have brought to communities in Nassau County. During the 5-month period, educational programming will be provided to civic and educational groups, and volunteers to ensure trees are planted and maintained following best practices for the long-term survival of each tree variety.

Toby and Donna Tovar, and Tammy Williams enjoying the fundraiser for planting trees! (L); KNB Board Member and fundraiser coordinator, Janet Vining serving the first round of lobsters to guests. (R)

“We are so grateful to the people that supported this first fundraising event”, said Lynda Bell, Keep Nassau Beautiful Executive Director. “Guests expressed their enthusiasm for planting trees, and it was motivating to receive offers to volunteer and charitable donations over and above the cost of a ticket.”

The tree planting project will be funded and supported by grants, charitable giving, community organizations, and volunteer time. Contact [email protected] to get involved with a donation of time, money, or supplies.

KNB Board Member and project manager, Kelley McCarter, educates guests during the fundraiser.






Keep Nassau Beautiful, Inc. is working to inspire, educate, and equip individuals, groups, businesses and governments to take action to make Nassau County a place where residents, visitors and wildlife can thrive and experience the beauty of Nassau County.