John Rutherford calls for Joe Biden’s resignation

By A. G. Gancarski
August 31, 2021
The Congressman also wants Pelosi gone.
Representative John Rutherford

A Republican Congressman from Northeast Florida is calling for President Joe Biden to resign from office.

U.S. Rep. John Rutherford, who represents Florida’s 4th Congressional District, blasted Biden in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“It’s official: President Biden has left Americans stranded at the hands of the Taliban. He now must resign immediately or face impeachment proceedings in the House. There WILL be accountability for his despicable actions!”

Rutherford’s call for immediate resignation, issued via Twitter, does not appear to be heeded. Biden is slated to address the nation on Tuesday afternoon, in what are expected to be his first remarks after the withdrawal of American troops concluded.

The third-term legislator has not been shy in calling for prominent Democrats to leave the public sphere as the U.S. has wrapped its two-decade military commitment in Afghanistan.

On Twitter last week, he issued a similarly absolutist statement toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“If Speaker Pelosi refuses to call the House back into Session so we can address Afghanistan and present the voice of the people on the House floor, then we need to recall the speaker with a vote of no confidence!” Rutherford wrote.

Rutherford isn’t an early adopter of the calls for Biden to resign. Republicans in Congress and far beyond have urged Biden to step down. Some, such as U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, have called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked.

Rutherford was one of many Republicans who in January challenged votes that led to Biden’s Presidency, voting against the certification of two slates of electors. That objection led to people protesting Rutherford, calling for his resignation.

Rutherford’s CD 4 is a safe seat. The most competitive election he has faced came in the 2016 Republican Primary. Democrats have not mounted a serious challenge in three runs against him.



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