FSCJ Receives National Science Foundation Grant for Automotive Programs

May 14, 2020

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) was recently awarded a $574,639 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in support of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Technician project. In response to the shift in recent transportation technology for the development of autonomous vehicles and intelligent cars, the project will help to produce workforce-ready advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technicians for the automotive industry.


Funded by the Advanced Technological Education program that focuses on the education of technicians for the advanced technology fields that drive the nation’s economy, the three-year grant project will allow FSCJ to add ADAS systems and diagnosis instruction to the College’s Automotive Service Management Technology Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. Additionally, the College will develop an ADAS Technician Technical Certificate (T.C.) which will be embedded in the A.A.S. program.

With the support of industry partners, instruction will be designed to develop graduates who are skilled in ADAS methodologies to fill a gap in the modern automotive workforce. The project intends to enhance student learning in science and engineering technician education by: 1) developing current ADAS-intelligent vehicle course content; 2) implementing an ADAS technical certificate program tied to a relevant industry credential developed in partnership with national automotive credentialing organizations; 3) acquiring autonomous vehicle simulation and ADAS lab training equipment; and 4) obtaining hands-on ADAS vehicle diagnostic trainers and autonomous vehicle mini-labs. Between the curricular improvements and new equipment, students will learn fundamentals of ADAS systems and diagnosis including sensor technology such as light imaging, detection and ranging (LiDAR), wireless systems, radar units, ultrasonic transmitters, and steering angle sensors. Students will be able to utilize the same equipment that is used in industry settings, including ADAS camera alignment fixtures with scan tools.

“We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for their continued partnership that brings innovative learning and high-level training opportunities that help us prepare the workforce of tomorrow,” said College President Dr. John Avendano. “Our community is leading the way to the future of autonomous vehicles and, thanks to this grant, FSCJ looks forward to supporting the local and national need for skilled advanced technological workers and contributing to the next generation of automotive technology.”

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