Fernandina Market Place brings 40 vendors and music every Saturday

Fernandina Market Place
Press Release
Submitted by Judi Mackie
February 17, 2022

Local entertainer, Alix Delfs

Saturday brings two exciting, outdoor farmers’ markets to Nassau County, Florida. The Fernandina Beach Market Place and the Wildlight Market Place will be open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, rain or shine.

On the east side of the County, the Fernandina Beach Market Place farmers market is open every Saturday of the year. This is a true farmers market bringing together nearly 40 vendors offering seasonal produce, fresh-baked breads, meats, fish, wild-caught shrimp, specialty foods, handcrafted body and bath products, candles, plants, and so much more. Bacons Select Produce brings a salad mix, kale, and European seedless cucumbers that are grown hydroponically at their Oceanway farm. Carter Family Homestead is currently harvesting fresh ginger, mushrooms, and lemongrass. They also bring garlic vinaigrettes and flavored teas. Gypsy microgreens has specifically picked a variety of young greens that are fabulous toppings for salads, sandwiches, and other dishes that could use a boost of flavor and nutrition. Among the many vendors of the farmers market this week, you will also find live music provided by local entertainer, Alix Delfs. Ms. Delfs is a senior at Fernandina Beach High School and she is also a solo musician who plays the guitar and keyboards, and her vocal range lends to music that is popular with all age groups.

The center of Nassau County is home to Wildlight Market Place. A Farmers and Arts Market located near I95 in the new Wildlight Community. Look for familiar vendors like Ferra’s Bakery and his fresh baked selection of bagels, baklava, garlic sticks, spanakopita, puff pastry, cannoli, and more. St. Mary’s Bee Ranch will be on-site with a nice variety of honey, including honeycomb and beeswax. 21 Queen Street Coffee is a woman-owned coffee roasting company focused on sourcing the finest coffee beans, they actually purchase their coffee from the farmers who grow it. Roasted in small batches look for abundant choices of coffee flavors such as Southern Pecan, Caramel Latte, Highlander Grogg, Peppermint Creme, and French Vanilla, just to name a few.


Both Market Place locations are open-air, where you can feel the sun on your face and enjoy the amazing scents wafting from the various businesses who wake up mighty early on a Saturday morning to bring you their homegrown, handcrafted, and unique products. They also welcome your well-behaved, leashed pets. For more information, please visit FernandinaBeachMarketPlace.com or WildlightMarketPlace.com.