Fernandina Beach High School Ranks Top 3% Nationally

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Susan Hardee Steger

Fernandina Beach High School
Fernandina Beach High School is ranked 39th in the state of Florida and 614th in the nation, according to
U S News & World Report’s 2012 “Best High Schools” ranking. A total of 22,000 public high schools were evaluated nationwide; 990 were Florida schools.

“U S News compares the performance of Fernandina Beach High School students to the performance of students in high schools throughout the United States.,” says long-time principal Jane Arnold. “To be ranked in the top 3% nationally is a tribute to our outstanding teachers, our committed students, and our dedicated school community that supports and encourages us. It is exciting to know that our efforts are recognized and validated at the national level.”

According to U S News, information was gathered to determine how well each school served “all students.” Another determining factor in ranking was “the degree to which schools prepared students in terms of both participation in and passing of college level work.” Fernandina Beach High School’s total enrollment is 884 students.