Fernandina Beach Business and Building Starts: September 2014

openSubmitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
October 28, 2014 4:48 a.m.


The Fernandina Observer welcomes the following businesses newly licensed to operate in our city last month. Note that the two listed insurance companies are located out of state.




Type of Business

Clevenger Creations 516 S. 10th Street Devin Clevenger Educational musical theatre studio
Texas Life Insurance Company 900 Washington Avenue Texas Life Insurance Company Insurance agency, broker
American Progressive Life & Health, Inc. 1001 Heathrow Park Lane American Progressive Life & Health, Inc. Insurance agency, broker
Studio, The Theatre Kids USA 813 S. 8th Street James & Judy Tipton Misc. personal services
Amelia Island Dental 829 S. 14th Street Jennifer Vienneau Health & allied services
D&H Homes LLC (Amelia Oaks) 1905 Amelia Oaks Drive D&H Homes Certified general contractor
Wells of Health Massage Therapy 910 S. 8th Street Kathryn Wells Misc.  personal services


new constDuring Septembert 2014, the city surveyed 214 building permits with a total valuation of $4.8M.  This activity brought in $118K in fees for the city.  Six permits for new homes were issued.  Permit activity was slightly down in comparison to September 2013, when the city surveyed 237 permits, resulting in $179K in permit revenue.  Year-to-date activity continues to be down in comparison to the same period last year.  There have been 54 permits to construct new buildings issued to date in 2014, while during the same period in 2013, 64 such permits were issued. In 2013, 2280  total permits were surveyed by September, resulting in city revenue of $1.219M; while in 2014, 2112 permits have been surveyed to date, bringing the city $1.130M in permit fees. 

New Single Family Dwellings – September 2014


Permit #2014- Owner Address Contractor
2019 Crawford & Mary Scott 1739 S. 15th Street Castleton Homes, LLC
2078 Seda Construction 676 King George Lane Seda Construction
2101 Seda Construction 530 Patriots Way Seda Construction
2104 Seda Construction 652 Spanish Way Seda Construction
2108 Kathleen Athanas, Trustee 1775 Azalea Street Donna Lynne Custom Homes
2111 Seda Construction 611 Spanish Way Seda Construction


Miscellaneous – September 2014

Permit #2014-






Demolition Susan Henderson & Mike Spino 317 S. 5th Street Harvey G. Ward Contractor, Inc.


Demolition Susan Henderson & Mike Spino 315 S. 5th Street Harvey G. Ward Contractor, Inc.


Remodel Carroll Hester 982 S. Fletcher Ave. ARC Rite Industrial Contractors


Interior office buildout Xanderoo Land Holdings 1865 Lime Street Northeast Florida Contracting


Exterior/Interior renovation New England Flag Banner, Inc. 115 S. 2nd Street The John Stokes Company


Repair beams, columns on balconies Amelia South Condominiums 3350 S. Fletcher Ave. Centennial Moisture Control, Inc.


Demolition Kimberly Ross 610 Vernon Street CBI Cole Builders, Inc.



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