Dayspring Village welcomes Nassau-NAMI Annual “Shoe Party”

Dayspring Village Press Release
Contact: Douglas Adkins
December 12, 2019

The tradition started over 29 years ago with a conversation that began with the words “How can we help?”.

“For many a new pair of shoes is about dignity, self esteem and health. Many times we forget when we are young to care for our feet and as we get older we realize our feet and shoes play an important role in our balance. The average life expectancy for a person with Schizophrenia is 58 to 64. We know that 25% of adults with Schizophrenia will attempt to take their own life during the course of illness and 10% will succeed in that act. Improving the outlook and self esteem of a person at risk for suicide is a building block to recovery and without question the NAMI support efforts contribute to that goal.” Said Douglas Adkins, Executive Director

The NAMI Shoe Party this year was joined with the singers from the Boulounge Baptist Church who also came to share Christmas songs with the residents.

Local NAMI Volunteers led by Tracy Fuglestad, Nellie Ramos, Sue Whitman, Naomi Allen, Annie Yankus, Jane Padgett and Kerrie Albert (and children) were the core team to help bring the pizza party and wings and then the extraordinary gift bags and the wonderful shoes that help bring the compassion that is at the heart of the Christmas season.

“We are grateful to the many local citizens who donate to the NAMI projects, especially the shoe donations. The impact of a new pair of shoes has a significant impact on a person’s outlook. Many times the only time these people get a new pair of shoes is when NAMI shows up at Christmas. This is a unique program in terms of the many years of caring but also the impact it has had on the over 4000 adults with Schizophrenia we have served in the last 29 years at Dayspring Village.” Said Adkins

Dayspring Village is a state licensed limited mental health assisted living facility that serves adults with serious mental illnesses. Dayspring Village has had five deficiency free surveys. To learn more about Dayspring Village or mental illness you can go to www.dayspringvillage.org or call 904-845-7501. AL#5766

Dayspring Village Marks its 30 years of THE SECRET SANTA PROGRAM – Bring Joy and happiness by adopting a resident this Christmas with a simple deed of gifting. A gift is something that you value and you choose to share with another that you care about. The gift of the Christ Child is the gift of Christmas and a reminder to many Christians the fierce sense of urgency that God has about the gift of life that he has authored and created upon the earth. Nothing carries more weight in the eyes of a righteous and holy God than the gift of life, it is through this lens that we take on the challenge and tragic reality of suicide prevent among adults who struggle with Schizophrenia. As you gather with family and friends you will take a minute and consider becoming a SECRET SANTA this year. You can get started by contacting Ashley Turner at [email protected], [email protected] or you can call at 904-845-7501 – you can also contact myself at [email protected] or 904-583-0134.

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